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Nine hurt in Pak parcel explosions

Karachi, Oct. 16: Nine people, including three policemen, were injured when three parcel bombs exploded in highly sensitive government offices today. Police detonated another and defused a fifth one.

The parcel bombs exploded in the offices of the home secretary, deputy inspector general of police and crime investigation department. All explosions took place within the span of one hour.

Police officials said nine people were wounded. One of the victims lost his both hands. Officials said the parcels were delivered to the urgent mail service of Pakistan Post office. The officials at all three offices opened the parcels, packed in an envelope, resulting in explosions.

Despite claims of strict security measures, the parcels were not checked at any of these places which house senior police and law enforcing officials.

The employee of the post office was also wounded and he has been detained for questioning. A senior police official said the parcels were booked from Saddar Post Office in Karachi.

Police detected two more parcel bombs and detonated one and defused the other. Sindh police chief Kamal Shah said the possibility of the Indian secret service’s involvement could not be ruled out.

Pakistani officials generally blame RAW for explosions in Pakistan which the Indian government denies. Another official said the policemen who had been active in the war against terrorism could have been the target.

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