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There was nothing on record to show that evaluation/ monitoring of the scheme was undertaken by the manager and assistant manager of the West Bengal scheduled caste and scheduled tribe financial development corporation, while field organizers covered 254 beneficiaries during 1996-2001 against 1,500 to be covered. Various shortcomings were noticed in the implementation of the scheme.

Muster rolls for subsidy of Rs 10.70 crore (SC) and Rs 2.64 crore (ST), and margin money of Rs 53.88 lakh (SC) and Rs 10.23 lakh (ST) were not produced to audit.

Under the family oriented benefit scheme, subsidy of Rs 10.70 crore and Rs 2.64 crore to SC & ST beneficiaries respectively and margin money of Rs 3.74 crore and Rs 0.95 crore were disbursed during 1996-2001 in the ratio of 3:1 in defiance of the norm of 5:2. This was indicative of inflation of figures of actual achievements by 15,590 for SC and 3,766 for ST people.

During 1998-2001, 12,650 cases of SC and 4,158 cases of ST people were sponsored to banks under the family oriented benefit scheme against the target of 16,500 and 5,885 respectively, depriving 3,850 SC (23 per cent) and 1,727 ST (29 per cent) population. In the municipalities, the target was fixed without reference to concentration of SC/ST population.

Of 57 sanctioned community development schemes, funds were released for 55 schemes against which 42 were completed at Rs 71.23 lakh during 1996-2001, leaving Rs 73.05 lakh unspent for 13 incomplete schemes. Utilization certificates for Rs 20.23 lakh sanctioned during 1996-2001 in respect of 11 completed schemes were awaited as of April 2001.

Achievement under animal husbandry and fisheries heads-of-the-family-oriented benefit scheme fell short of the target by 10 and 17 per cent respectively, which indicated improper utilization of the resourceful schemes.

The principal director, DRDC is to implement various Centrally-sponsored schemes. Against the total available fund of Rs 22.68 crore (1996-2001) for implementation of different schemes, Rs 13.84 crore was spent...leaving Rs 8.84 crore in hand...

Matching grant of Rs 1.48 crore was short released under different schemes by the state government during 1996-2001. Physical achievement under integrated rural development programme scheme declined (99 per cent) from 6,827 beneficiaries in 1996-97 to 77 beneficiaries in 2000-2001 while under training of rural youth for self-employment only 760 could get employment till March 2001 out of 4,366 youth trained during 1996-1999 and grants (Rs 1.09 crore) received during 1996-98 for implementation of Ganga Kalyan Yojana remained unutilized.

There are several gaps in the district administrative machinery. As large number of developmental schemes were implemented by the district magistrate, the machinery at his disposal was to be strengthened to provide an effective administration. Finance and accounting were particularly weak areas and this provided scope of mis-utilization of funds and risk for safety of the cash. Computerization of the DMís office and the monitoring system are required to provide necessary support to the DM for effective coordination and district level officers of other departments. Effective monitoring of the district offices by the directorate and the government could improve the working of the district.

The matter was referred to the government in August 2001: reply had not been received (January 2002).

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