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Irate Salman butts in, fails to get bail

Mumbai, Oct. 10: Actor Salman Khan was today remanded in police custody for four more days when metropolitan magistrate S.Y. Shisode rejected his bail plea. The good news for the actor is that the court has permitted him to have home food, bottled water, fresh clothes and a few toiletries.

While dismissing Salman’s bail plea, the court, however, rejected the police contention that they needed 10 more days to interrogate the actor regarding the ownership of the vehicle allegedly driven by him during the hit and run of September 28.

Known for his fiery temper, Salman got agitated when the investigating team appealed for 10 more days of police custody.

Cutting short the arguments of his lawyers, Salman said: “My lord, the police has asked me only two questions in the last three days. They asked me whether I was driving the car and if I owned it, both of which I have answered. The interrogation has lasted barely 15 minutes. I don’t understand why further custody is needed even when I am prepared to cooperate.”

The judge noted: “The matter has reached a crucial stage of investigation and, considering the seriousness of the offence, I feel that police custody may be extended till Monday. Release of accused on bail at this stage may frustrate the investigations.”

The court, however, dismissed the prosecution’s claim that 10 days were needed to trace the owner of the vehicle, Abdul Rahim, in Kerala and to interrogate the actor further.

“I am not satisfied with the plea of prosecution for 10 days’ police custody to interrogate the accused. It is pertinent to mention here that Salman Khan was arrested and released on bail on September 28 and was available to police for interrogation.”

Refuting reports that he bought the Toyota Land Cruiser from Chikki Pandey, actor Chunkey Pandey’s brother, for Rs 40 lakh, Salman held that he did not own the vehicle and that Rahim had “pledged” the vehicle to him.

Salman’s lawyers said Rahim had come from Sharjah and transferred his assets to India but did not have money to pay the duty for the Land Cruiser. Salman, his advocates said, paid Rs 16.50 lakh to Rahim who pledged the vehicle to the actor. Documents vouching this have been submitted to the police, they said.

Sources say Salman has been “silent and civil” while in custody. “He hasn’t had much to eat though for fear of using the common lock-up toilet, which is rather dirty,” said a police source.

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