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Chhoo Mantar

Widower Sardar Chimaji Appa lost his first wife 20 years ago. But he still misses her terribly and is curious to know about her present reincarnated form. He seeks a Pandit's help, who promises to fulfil Chimaji's wish. However, when the re-incarnated identity of Chimaji's wife is revealed, it turns out to be his beloved grandson's fiancee. Through the Pandit's intervention, Chimaji recognises his wife but by then, mayhem ensues. The situation gets more complicated as any member of the family who touches the young girl, is transported to his or her previous birth and begin to behave accordingly. The Pandit is summoned once again to sort out the problem and restore status-quo in the family. But by now, the Pandit himself becomes a victim of the situation. He recalls his previous life of a dacoit and his bitter rivalry with Chimaji. In a bid to extract his revenge, the Pandit chases Chimaji and the play ends amid laughter. Written by Basant Kenetkar in Marathi, the play has been translated by Kamalkar Sontakke and directed by Pradip Roy. A Padatik presentation.

When: Today at 6.30 pm

Where: Academy of Fine Arts

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