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Colts leave sans coaches BNR win State billiards Cyber Cup

l A 16-member Bengal under-15 side will leave for a tour of Bangladesh Friday. The team led by Rohan Banerjee will be accompanied by Biswaroop De as manager. The two coaches, Rajesh Dani and Sagarmoy Sen Sharma, will not be going on the tour owing to personal preoccupations.

l In the Calcutta Football League, BNR and City AC won their first division, group A matches Thursday. BNR beat Rajasthan 5-0, City beat Bata 2-0.

l In Coca-Cola state senior billiards, Prakash Mehrotra beat Akram Khan 506-347, Mohammed Salim bt Col. E.J. Sanchez 411-113, Manoj Kothari beat Rajesh Tulsiyan 836-335 and H.T. Bhutia beat Mohammed Salim 645-430.

l ITC Infotech had mixed luck at the second Cyber Cup bowling tournament at Nicco Super Bowl. While their B team beat Expectrum Solutions, the C team lost to IIHT.

BILLIARDS: State senior meet at Bengal Rowing Club.

TENNIS: Calcutta hardcourt meet at South Club.

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