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A fusion of artistic traditions

The history of Indian art is full of assimilation of foreign cultures.These influences have helped enrich the Pan-Indian culture. The latest influence comes from Japan, in the art of Yuriko Lochan. Trained at the Kyoto City University of Arts, Yuriko married Indian artist Rajeev Lochan in 1988. This brought about a catalytic fusion of cerebral introspection and inventive imagery of Indian myths and traditional thoughts. During the last decade, Yuriko undertook a journey of discovering the various cultural facets of India. Her large and panoramic seascapes, comprising five equi-sized canveses of identical square and matching sense of immaculate balance, have all the potential of a new approach in making of art in India and of Indian art in general. A sense of dignified calm, of introspective tranquility and rhythmic balance, is associated with the Zenness of Japanese art. Yuriko has inherited all these in varying degree of abundance. What distinguishes her art is a unique fusion of the artistic traditions of two age-old civilisations. A solo exhibition of her works is currently being held.

When: Till October 5; 3 pm - 7 pm

Where: Gallerie 88

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