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Open Sangh season on Left

New Delhi, Oct. 1: Communists always say the Sangh parivar considers them, and not the Congress, enemy number one. They would have been vindicated over and over had they been present at a book release function presided over by RSS Sarsanghchalak K.S. Sudarshan and human resources development minister Murli Manohar Joshi this evening.

The Sangh parivar was releasing a book on the “polluted” history of Left parties, authored by Panchajanya editor Tarun Vijay. It was an occasion to gloat over the Supreme Court order lifting its ban on NCERT textbooks – an occasion to punch the communists for “denying” the essence of Indian civilisation. If the Supreme Court’s ban on textbooks had taken the wind off their sails for some time, the Sangh parivar leaders are now upbeat and ready to wrestle with their ideological adversaries.

“I have been telling my Congress friends, do not have anything to do with the Left. They are like a poisonous snake. You will be dead by the time they are through with you,” said Joshi. He and Sudarshan, made no effort to camouflage the ideological agenda that the Sangh parivar had been pushing through the HRD ministry.

“The time has come to shout louder than the Leftists and drive them out of the country,” said the Sarsanghchalak. The exercise of cleansing the educational system of Left influence, they said, has begun. The communists and the Islamic jihadis, Sudarshan declared, are one and the same. Next in the line of fire, along with Marx and Engels, was communist patriarch Jyoti Basu.

“Jyoti Basu is an aristocrat. Why did he come away from Bangladesh' Were there not enough have-nots' But they know nobody would have listened to them there,” the RSS chief said.

The parivar leaders pulled no punches. They stuck one label after another on the Left. “They honed the Partition theory because communists believe India is not one but a total of many nations along religious and linguistic lines,” said Joshi.

Both he and Sudarshan went on a spree of narrating anecdotes. “One of my communist friends came and told me that India is a multi-nation is clear from the names of states – like Maharashtra and Saurashtra,” Joshi added.

The one Marxist theory that has damaged the Indian education system the most is the theory of Aryan invasion, said the minister.

He deliberately forgot to mention that there had been a churning among Marxist historians on this issue – many historians were now reformulating their theories on the basis of new archaeological evidence.

Joshi declared that policymakers should take on a mission to undo “errors” that had been committed. “The whole process started with the Nurul Hasan-P.N. Haksar nexus,” said Joshi.

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