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Agitation against state repression

New Delhi, Sept. 30: Revolutionary writers, singers and activists under the banner of All India League for Revolutionary Culture have decided to launch a nation-wide agitation against repression of resistance movements by the governments of West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh.

The group’s leaders said the two states had been targeted because of their track record in crushing “people’s resistance, especially those spearheaded by ultra Left groups, in their eagerness to implement the World Bank agenda”.

The league is planning to hold rallies and meetings to educate the masses, especially in Bankura, Hooghly, Purulia and Methinipur in West Bengal, where, it alleged, “midnight knocks, raids and torture to death” have become common occurrences. While in the 1970s, 4,500 youths were killed and 35,000 sent to jail on the ground of being Naxalites, in the last 25 years of Left Front rule, 7,000 political activists have been killed, the league’s activists said. They added that 125 activists have been killed in the one year that Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee has been in power.

Kanchan Kumar, a member of the league from Bengal, cited the suicide by Abhijit Sinha, after police tortured four of his associates, and the detention of a college lecturer for alleged links with extremists.

Taking potshots at Bhattacharjee, he said: “What has emerged in Buddha’s country is not different. In fact, Buddha, with a Marxist tag, has reactivated the anti-Naxalite cells in the police akin to the days of Siddhartha Shankar Ray. Buddha has brought back the torture chambers, strengthened the police force with sophisticated weapons.”

The group’s leaders — Gaddar, a revolutionary singer, Vara Vara Rao, a writer (both from Andhra Pradesh) and Kanchan Kumar, a writer from West Bengal — today said besides West Bengal, Telengana and Bustar bore the brunt of repression and alleged that it was a direct fallout of the administration bent on pursuing the World Bank agenda.

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