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Christians gagged and shot in Karachi
Two gunmen burst into the offices of a Christian charity in the Pakistani city of Karachi today and tied up and gagged seven Christians before shooting them at point blank range, police said. ...  | Read.. 
US to train Iraq Opposition
The United States has asked the Iraqi Opposition to prepare lists of candidates for possible military training in tasks that would help US forces invade Iraq and overthrow P ...  | Read.. 
Israel ignores US pressure
Jerusalem, Sept. 25 (Reuters) - Israel stood defiant today against pressure from Washington to lift a siege of Yasser Arafat’s compound that could hurt US efforts to co ...  | Read.. 
UK dossier divides world
Britain’s dossier charging Iraq with developing weapons of mass destruction pushed world leaders closer to a showdown today, with hawks saying it proved the need to confront ...  | Read.. 
Members of a Chinese acrobatic team perform during a festival in Seoul on Wednesday. (AFP)
Deadly duel
Tea can prevent cell damage that leads to cancer
Solid evidence is mounting that drinking tea can prevent cell damage that leads to cancer, heart di..  | Read.. 
Blairism, Jedi in Oxford dictionary
Science fiction’s “Jedi” warriors and “Klingon” bad guys have entered the newest edition of the ..  | Read.. 
Londoners struggle as strike hits rail network
Millions of Londoners struggled to work today as a 24-hour ...  | Read.. 

Charity ends in hail of bullets
For 30 years Idare-e Amn-O-Insaf, or the Organisation for P ...  | Read..