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Height not a factor for fast bowler
Watching the ball closely, playing late and knowing where the off-stump is, are mandatory to play out-swingers

I am 5 feet, 9 inches tall and bowl right-arm medium pace. How can I increase my pace'

(Shubham Chakraborty, 19, Agartala)

Youíve got to get the basics right. Work with your coach on getting a good action going. Donít ever be disheartened because of your height. Malcolm Marshall was also medium height but was the fastest around.

I am a right-handed batsman. I always try to go down the pitch to a leg spinner to negate the spin, but often end up missing the ball and getting stumped. Please help.

(Utsav De, 15, Calcutta-32)

Youíre stepping out early or choosing the wrong length to step out. It might also be that youíre just lifting your head at the time of contact.

I am a right-arm medium pacer. Whenever I try to bowl a yorker, I end up bowling a wide or a full toss. Why does this happen'

(Argha Chattopadhyay, 12, Howrah)

Itís because youíre not looking at the spot you want to bowl.

I am a right-handed opener. I face problems while playing the rising delivery on the leg stump. Please help.

(Ratnesh Singh, 18, Siwan, Bihar)

Use the depth of your crease when playing off the back foot. That will give you extra time.

I am a left-handed batsman. I face problems while playing the square cut off faster bowlers. Please let me know the right technique.

(Arkajyoti Dhar, 18, Calcutta-75)

Youíve to get back and across and also get your weight into the shot.

I am a wicketkeeper. While keeping to spinners, I face problems when collecting on the leg side. Please advise.

(Murtaza M. Zavery, 16, Calcutta-16)

It demands a lot of practice and footwork. Also donít get up early when keeping to spinners.

I am a right-handed batsman. I face problems when sweeping the ball and end up getting caught by the wicketkeeper. Please help.

(Roshan Khatiwora, 13, Pakyong, Sikkim)

You are moving too far across with your front foot. As a result, youíre exposing your bat or glove when making contact.

What are the basics of being a good fielder'

(Shoubhik Bose, 12, Chandannagar)

Agility, good anticipation and quick reflexes. You should also possess a good arm.

I am a right-handed batsman. I have a bottom-hand grip. Is it the right way to hold the bat'

(Kumar Avishek, 19, Barharwa, Jharkhand)

Nothing wrong as long as you are comfortable.

I am a right-hander and often fail to negotiate the out-swingers. How do I overcome this problem'

(Aniruddh Haldar, 13, Srerampore)

Youíve to watch the ball closely and play late and not reach out for the ball. Above all you should know where your off stump is.

I am left-handed batsman. I face problems in playing deliveries bowled by a left-arm pacer from over the wicket, the ball pitching in the off-middle and then shaping out. Please help.

(Avirup Gupta, 16, Chandannagar)

Thatís a tough delivery for any player. Even Brian Lara and Sourav Ganguly have faced problems. Practice at the nets and you will be able to contend with such deliveries.

I am a right-arm medium pacer. How can I be able to swing the new ball'

(Manish Lahoti, 16, Murshidabad)

Get the grip right and wo- rk with your coach on your action.

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