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Greedy abductors given the slip

He had gone to Karnataka to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor. On Tuesday morning, Sayak (name changed on request), the son of a south Calcutta-based doctor, returned home to recount a nightmare.

The 23-year-old, doing his internship at Gulbarga Medical College, was abducted from the Brahmapur area of Gulbarga district, in Karnataka, last Wednesday.

He finally managed to escape the clutches of his abductors after paying them Rs 70,000 as ransom. He returned to Calcutta with the help of the local police at Gulbarga.

“Four persons, brandishing revolvers, surrounded him in front of his apartment last Wednesday. They pushed him into a car and drove down to a nearby slum,” said Sayak’s father, who runs a nursing home in south Calcutta.

The abducted youth was kept in a small, dingy room. The kidnappers initially demanded Rs 1.7 lakh as ransom. “They turned violent when Sayak refused to give them my telephone numbers. They beat him up mercilessly,” his father said. “My son told the goons that he had Rs 70,000 in his personal account. Finally, the abductors decided to make do with that.”

The goons escorted Sayak back to his apartment to collect his cheque-book late on Wednesday. At his apartment, Sayak picked up his cheque-book, while the goons took his domestic help along, “to avoid any chance of them being traced”.

Two days later, two of the abductors went to the nearby Sadav Street branch of Indian Overseas Bank, with a cheque signed by Sayak. But the bank employees refused to honour the bearer cheque, as the amount was “too high”. The goons then returned to take Sayak along to the bank.

“Sayak was told that if he tried to raise an alarm, his domestic help would be killed. So, my son withdrew Rs 70,000 and handed over the cash to the abductors,” his father said.

After returning to the hideout, the abductors got busy counting and sharing their spoils. “In their excitement, they even forgot to lock the main door. Sayak and his servant slipped out and ran to the office of the superintendent of police (SP), Gulbarga district,” narrated the father.

SP Alok Kumar then raided the hideout and picked up three of the accused and recovered the ransom. The gang leader, however, managed to flee. The local police made arrangements to send Sayak back home.

Sayak’s father made it clear on Tuesday that he would not send his son back to Gulbarga. “He can stay here and look after my nursing home… We will move court to recover the money from the Karnataka police,” he added.

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