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Twin sheen for silver screen

Sangita Kejriwal,
New Alipore.

Any help should be welcome for an industry in the doldrums. Since the Mumbai film industry is way ahead of Tollywood in terms of money and marketing muscle, their advice should be useful.

Prakash Kumar Kahar,
Dum Dum.

Bollywood’s money and marketing muscle cannot turn Tollygunge around. The technique used here is backdated. People are so taken with snazzy Hindi films that they don’t pay attention to Tollywood products.

Soumitra Nandi,

Tollywood films lack variety. The storylines are predictable and the music a strain on the ear. There is a dearth of quality directors, producers and actors, the empty halls tell the story. Bollywood money and marketing muscle cannot turn things around unless that extra bit of effort is put in by the people here.

Sujit De,

Bollywood’s money and marketing muscle can turn Tollywood around but in the wrong way. For no one can deny the mafia’s contribution to Bollywood’s financial and marketing machinery. So there is every possibility of importing this black ‘M’ along with the other ‘M’. Moreover, all is not well with Bollywood either. Few films are doing well. It would be prudent to stay clear of the Bollywood trap.

Piyal Mukherjee,
Lake Town.

It is a fact that Tollywood suffers from inadequacy of funds, sophisticated equipment and marketing network. Due to these factors, Tollywood rarely produces commercially-viable films. As the government is reluctant to provide subsidies and the producers are shy of investments, the availability of funds and marketing infrastructure from Bollywood will provide the necessary filip for the revival of Tollywood.

Kajal Chatterjee,

Bollywood’s money and marketing muscle will certainly enhance the production quality of Bengali films. The use of sophisticated technology, coupled with good camerawork and smart editing will provide an edge to Bengali films. If aided by vigorous marketing, Tollywood can produce hit films.

But Bollywood’s influence cannot ensure merit, for that requires the cerebral genius of Satyajit Ray and Ritwik Ghatak or the ethos of Tarun Majumder and Tapan Sinha, the likes of which are sadly lacking. It is worth remembering that Pather Panchali and Meghe Dhaka Tara were born despite the handicap of quality infrastructure and publicity.

Debasish Bhattacharya,

Tollywood movies are losing their identity. Most Bengali films are take-offs from Bollywood. Even the stars are often imported from other states. Bollywood’s investment should be solicited only if it produces good Bengali films.

Aakash Kamal Misra,

Surely, Bollywood’s money and marketing muscle can show a direction but they cannot turn Tollywood around. Tollywood will have to become more professional in its approach to come anywhere near Bollywood. But association with big film-makers and marketing wizards like Yash Chopra and Arindam Chaudhuri might prove useful.

Azhar Elahi Daad,

Many of the big names in Bollywood are from Bengal. This proves that there is a lot of talent and ability in the east. With the backing of Bollywood’s highly proclaimed marketing power this talent can bring name and fame to this industry.

Suchi Arya,
Hungerford Street.

In comparison with Tollywood, Hindi films have a wider coverage of viewers. Even if Bollywood’s influence cannot turn Tollywood around completely, it can surely bring about a comprehensive change in its production system.

Abhishek Arya,
Minto Park.

Yes. It is no secret that the Bengali film industry is not in good shape. Most Bengali movies lack mass appeal. If big guns of Bollywood like Yash Chopra and Suraj Barjatiya lend their expertise and finances then Tollywood may dream of a brighter tomorrow.

Prasanta Kumar Ghosh,

Body-gyration, jumping from multi-storeyed buildings, rolling down cliffs — such stuff of masala Hindi films are missing in Bengali cinema, which is replete with sentimentality. Bollywood money with aggressive marketing will not take Bengali films far unless the content is spiced up. Use of band music will attract the youth to the cinemas.

Rabindranath Kar,
Sankar Ghosh Lane.

This will be of mutual benefit. There is no dearth of talent in Bengal. What the Tollygunge film industry lacks is adequate infrastructural facilities. A change in attitude is also required. The Bengal film industry will have to produce commercially viable films to survive. The days of subsidies are over.

Naren Sen,

Bollywood runs on black money and muscle power channelised from Dubai. This power may also become the backbone of Tollywood in the near future. Unless, of course, NFDC comes forward.

Tapan Pal,

Never. Tollywood has to develop its USP first, and design the content accordingly. Mere money and marketing cannot sell stale food as fresh and nutritious.

Sushanta Bhowmick,
Address not given.

Bollywood’s money and marketing muscle are aided by climatic suitability, communication facilities and flow of talent. Tollywood needs all these too.

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