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Jewellery robbed in name of Pujas

A gang of three armed men, in their mid-twenties, posing as puja organisers collecting subscription, robbed the family of a businessman on Broad Street of jewellery worth Rs 90,000 on Monday afternoon.

Immediately after receiving a complaint from the family, officers of Karaya police station went through their file of mugshots and detained one person. “We are not sure whether or not he took part in the robbery. The officers are interrogating him and some leads will come out soon,” said Shivaji Ghosh, deputy commissioner of police, headquarters.

City detective chief Soumen Mitra said the three youths barged into the single-storeyed house of Rijwan Akhtar, who deals in plastic goods, around 1.45 pm. Akhtar was not home. His mother, wife Taslima and their two children were present. Initially, Taslima did not open the door when they knocked. But when they identified themselves as members of a local club, Taslima opened the door, said Mitra. The moment she did so, she discovered the three men brandishing country-made revolvers.

The youths pushed her aside, stormed into the drawing room and bolted the door from inside. “I was not in a position to resist them. I could not even shout for help. All of them were armed and they aimed their revolver at my two children. My mother-in-law was told to sit in a corner of the room,” Taslima told police.

They then demanded the key to the cupboard. Two youths went to another room where the cupboard was kept, while another stood guard in the drawing room. The men unlocked the cupboard, opened the locker in which the jewellery was kept and pocketed all the valuables.

Before leaving, they threatened the women with dire consequences if they tried to raise an alarm, said an officer of Karaya police station. They took only 10 minutes to complete the operation. Taslima came out of her house five minutes after the gangsters had fled.

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