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Hymn solace by pyreside

MALA ROY, Trinamul Congress councillor of Ward no. 88 and city conservancy chief, met readers of The Telegraph at Mysore Garden, Keoratala, to answer their queries. Participants included Prabir Dutta, Sambhunath Das, Nalin Dutta, Arati Patodia, Arun Mukherjee, Tapan Mukherjee and Prasanta Das

Prabir Dutta: We live close to the burning ghat. Smoke from the pyres creates a health hazard.

Pollution-control devices have already been installed. Initially, there were some technical faults, that have now been corrected. The device needs watering — known as float watering — but sometimes that is delayed by 15-20 minutes. All that has been resolved and there should be no problem now.

Sambhunath Das: Roads here are often dug up to repair waterlines. But sometimes, the repairs are delayed, causing immense problems.

The recent contractors’ strike had thrown civic work out of gear. Work was stalled for more than six months. But now that everything is settled, there would not be any delay in repairs.

Nalin Dutta: We residents of Sahanagar Road, close to the crematorium, have to suffer because those who come for the last rites block the road by parking their Matadors or lorries. Some of them are even drunk.

I have always maintained that peace is vital in the crematorium. We are making arrangements to play devotional songs at the crematorium, in keeping with the ambience. The project will be inaugurated on Mahalaya. That should check some of the nuisance in the area.

Arun Mukherjee: We have heard that Swami Vivekananda would meditate at Mysore Garden. Will it be possible to put up his plaque and also one of Dr B.C. Roy’s'

That’s a nice proposal. I shall take up the matter at the next meeting. We have already prepared busts of two former chief ministers — B.C. Roy and P.C. Sen — which will be installed on their birth anniversaries. The decision was taken at a meeting attended by mayor Subrata Mukherjee and myself.

Tapan Mukherjee: Speedbreakers are needed to check accidents on Pratapaditya Road.

I, too, am worried about the traffic on Pratapaditya Road. But the traffic department is not allowing the construction of speedbreakers on thoroughfares. Something needs to be done soon.

Tapan Mukherjee: Our ward has no civic-run maternity centre or community hall.

It is true. We need both maternity centres and community halls, but we do not have the space for them.

Tapan Mukherjee: Petty crime is on the rise.

It’s for the residents of the area to join hands and tackle such problems.

Prasanta Das: Waterlogging continues to be a major problem in the area. This apart, traffic snarls at the Southern Avenue-Russa Road intersection pose a serious hazard.

I am aware that Tollygunge and its adjacent areas get waterlogged when all the three pumps function at the Chetla waterworks. This has been going on for the past 70 years. As for the traffic snarl, I will take up the matter with the traffic police and the department concerned.

Tapan Mukherjee: In spite of your best efforts, the ward’s roads, taps and lights are not maintained. Specially the roads, they are the worst off. When will things be set right again'

Actually, most of the maintenance work could not be conducted because of a prolonged strike by the contractors. But the strike has been withdrawn and within Mahalaya, most of the repairs will be complete.

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