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Lovesick Ulfa hitman offers to spill KLO beans

Jalpaiguri, Sept. 22: It was love that cracked Ulfa hitman Gautam Seal and made him consider becoming a Sulfa.

Seal, who was arrested from Dhubri in Lower Assam last week, says he wants to return to the mainstream because of his wife Monika and their infant son, who is yet to be named.

The passion of earning an independent state that motivated him to join Ulfa no longer drives him. Instead, he dreams of taking a stroll on the mountainous roads clutching his son’s tiny fingers.

According to a police officer of the district: “He is in a puzzled state. But it is evident that he has understood the evil of following the extremist path.” Seal has expressed his wish to become a Sulfa, or surrendered Ulfa, by helping the police with all inputs about the organisation of which he was once a crucial part.

Police have welcomed Seal’s eagerness to help them identify the hideouts of Ulfa and KLO and also provide them vital information. A senior police official of Jalpaiguri said: “We hope to get inputs from him. If he wishes to be a Sulfa, the police will definitely help him if he ensures cooperation on his part.”

Seal’s initiation into Ulfa began after his Class X examinations in 1993. He was taken to the Ulfa’s general headquarters at Mithun Pahar of Assam by people already in the outfit. It was here that his training started.

While at the headquarters, he came across the cadets of the KLO’s first batch, including Jeevan Singha, Tom Adhikary, Rustom Choudhury and Kamaleshwar Roy. Seal later left the general headquarters with the KLO cadets and joined hands with them to build up the camp at Piping.

Though Seal has denied his involvement in the KLO strikes, the Jalpaiguri police believe he was directly involved in the cases. “We have enough evidence to prove that he was involved in these cases,” said the officer.

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