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We are prepared: Franks

Kuwait, Sept. 21 (Reuters): The top US officer in the region said today his troops were prepared for action against Iraq if President George W. Bush decided to go to war.

“We are prepared to undertake whatever activities we might be directed to take by our nation,” US army Gen. Tommy Franks told a news conference in Kuwait. When asked if Central Command forces needed more time to prepare for a war against Iraq or if they were ready for immediate action, the four-star commander said: “We are prepared to do whatever we are asked to do.”

Franks insisted the President had not taken a final decision on launching a campaign against Iraq but stressed Washington would not accept a continuation of the status quo on Iraq. “The only course of action that is not available to us is to continue the course of action that we have seen over the last 11 years” since the 1991 Gulf War ended Iraq’s seven-month occupation of Kuwait, Franks said.

He headed a meeting in Kuwait of Central Command top officers, who are in charge of operations in a region which includes Iraq.

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