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Dare to bare

Toronto, Sept. 21 (Reuters): Seven men who bared all in Toronto’s Gay Pride Parade have been cleared of public nudity charges because they were wearing shoes, their lawyer said.

The men, from a social group calling itself Totally Naked Toronto Men Enjoying Nudity (TNT!MEN), were arrested and charged under Canada’s Criminal Code after they marched in the annual festival wearing only footwear and sunscreen. But prosecutors dropped the charges this week after conceding there was no reasonable prospect of a conviction.

“The law is very straightforward if someone is absolutely and completely bereft of clothing... however things become a little more complicated if there is a scrap of apparel anywhere on the body and the Crown has to show that the person is indecently clad,” he said. “Because everyone wore at least footwear the Crown had to prove indecency and it couldn’t.”

Super shark

Detroit (Reuters): Holy mackerel! A shark held with no male counterpart at Detroit’s Belle Isle Aquarium for the past six years has produced three babies in what zoo officials are calling“virgin births.” The first two offspring hatched in July and the third was born earlier this week, Doug Sweet, curator of fishes at the aquarium, said. The female trio and their 60-cm-long mother, a white spotted bamboo shark common to waters in the South Pacific, are all doing well and a fourth offspring is expected in another couple of weeks, Sweet said.

Germ share

London (Reuters): Married couples share more than their homes, cars and finances — they are also likely to have some of the same diseases, experts say. “Partners of people with specific diseases are at increased risk of the disease themselves — at least 70 per cent increased risk for asthma, depression and peptic ulcer disease,” said Julia Hippisley Cox of the University of Nottingham. Cox and her team said the most likely reason for the shared diseases was environment. Married couples eat the same foods and are exposed to the same allergens.

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