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Philips plugs into wearable audio gear

Calcutta, Sept. 19: Philips India (PIL) has finalised a deal with Nike to launch wearable electronics in India by November.

“We have made up our mind to launch the product here. Our team is in discussions with Nike to give them a final shape,” Philips India senior vice-president (consumer electronics) Rajeev Karwal told The Telegraph.

Under the alliance, a new line of co-branded portable MP3, MP3-CD and FM digital radio players integrating digital technology with a brand new design will be offered. These are specifically targeted at athletes.

Wearing these audio players will be comfortable while playing games or during exercise. Operated by touch, rather than sight, they promise a high-quality audio experience that is inspiring and motivating during physical activity. An armband and headphones designed to facilitate uninhibited movement are added features. No athlete has been chosen so far to endorse the products.

Karwal said high-end Pixel Plus colour televisions — a technology that increases horizontal and vertical resolution — will hit the market by year-end. To be imported by Philips India, they will cost Rs 99,000 and more.

Its eye-fi series of CTVs, priced between Rs 10,990 and Rs 39,900, were launched in the city today. Senior general manager (television marketing) Suresh Sukumaran said eye-fi technology improves pictures from a weak source to ensure better viewing experience.

Philips India, with a 7 per cent market-share in January-June, aims to sell four lakh CTVs in the year ending December and 5.5 lakh in 2003. “We launched Eye-fi CTVs last month. We expect them to account for 70 per cent of sales this year and 80 per cent next year,” he said.

The Eye-fi technology — which Asia-Pacific countries like China, Malaysia, Thailand are keen to tap — has been developed at the company’s Pune factory.

Philips, a market leader in audio sets, launched Smarter MP3 Hi-fi systems with “wOOx2” technology. Patented by Philips, it helps a listener enjoy rich bass at low volumes.

The company also launched LX 3500D, a feature-packed Home Cinema Solution. The 200 watts RMS powered system is available with a 6-speakers package inclusive of an active subwoofer and five satellite speakers.

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