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The reality of vision

Gallerie 88’s current solo (and simultaneous) exhibition of two very talented contemporary artists — Rajeev Lochan and his Japanese wife, Yuriko Lochan — is a rare treat for city connoisseurs of art. Rajeev was enamoured by Photo-Realism movement that rocked the West in the 1960s. It challenged the artist’s painterly skills in extracting a hard-edged realism in replicating the photograph. But for Rajeev, such replication became a boring exercise and, instead of capturing what he wished to paint, he moved on to painting on what he photographed. For him the ‘temporal deferral’ is important, for once the phenomenon is frozen in space, his vision of reality starts getting transported on to the still image. Yuriko received her training in oil painting from Kyoto City University of Arts. Her marriage to Rajeev brought about a catalytic fusion of cerebral introspection and inventive imagery of Indian myths and traditional thoughts translated in line and colour of unmistakable origin. Her works are immaculate example of simplicity, in choice of subject matter with symbolic solo overtones, and experimental development of a simplified imagery, graphic in quality and yet retaining a painterly vision.

When: Till October 5: 3 pm - 7 pm (Sunday closed)

Where: Gallerie 88, 28B Shakespeare Sarani

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