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Virgin tops

London, Sept. 16 (Reuters): Virgin Atlantic Airways is to replace tables in its newest planes because passengers have broken them during illicit trysts, the Sun newspaper said today.

The $200 million Airbus A340-600, which was introduced several weeks ago, has a “mother and baby room” with a plastic table meant for changing nappies. But passengers have destroyed them by using them for love-making. “Those determined to join the Mile High Club will do so despite the lack of comforts,” a Virgin spokeswoman was quoted as saying. “We don’t mind couples having a good time, but this is not something that we would encourage because of air regulations.”

Wife woes

Sanaa, Yemen (Reuters): A Yemeni man divorced his first wife because she was loud and argumentative and picked a deaf and mute woman as his new bride, a local newspaper said on Monday. Al-Thawra daily said a 40-year-old man named as Yahya from the southern Dhamar province so tired of his wife’s “screaming and endless disputes” that he left her after 15 years to remarry.

Old as gold

Tokyo (Reuters): A Japanese woman said to be the world’s oldest person turned 115 today. But Kamato Hongo, who lives in the southwestern city of Kagoshima, failed to stay awake for her big day. “She has been in a deep sleep since this morning, maybe because she got excited after seeing many visitors yesterday, on Respect for the Aged Day,” the Kyodo news agency quoted daughter Shizue Kurauchi, 78, as saying.

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