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Sinha meets Ivanov and Tang

New York, Sept. 15: The much-talked about initiative by India, Russia and China to work together globally got off to a tentative start yesterday when foreign minister Yashwant Sinha met his counterparts, Igor Ivanov and Tang Jiaxuan, here on the margins of the UN General Assembly.

Briefing reporters on behalf of the triumvirate, Ivanov stressed that the meeting should not be construed as any kind of new axis on the world stage.

He said they did not have a fixed agenda. The three ministers exchanged their points of view on the agenda of the ongoing General Assembly and explored the possibility of cooperating on it.

They hope to make this meeting an annual event during the General Assembly.

Surprisingly, the Chinese, who had mooted the axis, were circumspect about yesterday’s talks and Tang suggested to Ivanov and Sinha that the meeting should be kept secret.

Lest such unwarranted secrecy should lead to suspicions of an axis in the making, Sinha convinced Ivanov to go public about the talks.

A Russian official accompanying Ivanov described the beginning of the trilateral process as a “landmark”.

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