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Inundated by rain and shower of taunts

Apropos the report ‘Flood taunt for Delhi jaunt’ (Metro, August 15), it is amusing that the municipal affairs minister of West Bengal and the mayor of Calcutta are engaged in a verbal dual alleging each other’s negligence. It is amply evident that politicians care very little for their duties to the public and always endeavour to safeguard their own interests.

During the torrential rain, which inundated the whole city, the mayor, along with his members, mayor-in-council, went to Delhi to stage a drama. It is a matter of regret that not a single member of the mayor-in-council was available in the city during that crucial period, when citizens were suffering. The mayor reacted sharply to the criticism of the civic minister and alleged gross irregularities of the government on earlier occasions. This type of allegation and counter-allegation will not serve any purpose. Since the public is at the receiving end, I feel instead of indulging in useless talk, they should concentrate on their responsibilities and duties, which will benefit the public.

Debaprasad Mukherjee,

Nayapatty Road.

No playthings, these

Apropos the report ‘New-age poisons prey on kids’ (Metro, August 15), children today carry an estimated 300 or more chemical residues that were not present in their grandparents’ bodies. In fact, affluent lifestyles have caused expensive battery-operated toys to enter houses. Children are silent victims to new-age poisoning.

Jaydev Jana,

Salt Lake.

lThe report should serve as an eye opener to parents. Despite the knowledge of health hazards due to pencil batteries containing harmful metals and mosquito coils containing dangerous chemicals, they are often left within reach of children. Direct intervention by the Central government is necessary.

Mohan Lal Sarkar,

Budge Budge.

A future in fish

Apropos the Good Morning Calcutta column of Metro, July 31, I was delighted to know that Governor Viren J. Shah will inaugurate a pisciculture programme at Raj Bhavan. The same edition reports the ‘Choking truth of lakes mired by neglect’ in Golf Green. Ushar Jheel could also be utilised for pisciculture.

B.N. Bose,

Dum Dum.

Barred from justice

Apropos the report ‘Teen to youth spent in jail’ in Metro, August 10, it is saddening to note that Souvik Bhowmik has spent 14 years in custody without any judgement being passed on him. Who will compensate Souvik for his wrongful confinement if he is found not guilty'

Piyal Mukherjee,

Lake Town.

l Justice delayed is justice denied. Souvik, who has lost his youth in custody, might actually be innocent, just like so many other undertrials. Perhaps decentralisation of our judicial process will speed up the process.

Sujit De,



The article ‘Parents file torture case’ (Metro, September 8) carries allegations which are completely untrue. It is true that on August 27, some parents and anti-socials had demonstrated against the fee-hike. On August 30, another such assembly took place. The authorities were unaware of the electronic media interviewing any parent or outsider. The allegations of torturing a student are false. The school is not prejudiced by any disgruntled parent airing his/ her views. We would appreciate it if reports are verified before publishing.


Loreto Day School, B.B. Ganguly Street.

lMetro replies: The article simply reports the fact that the Guardians’ Forum of Loreto Day School had lodged a complaint with the Bowbazar police station alleging that some teachers had subjected a student to “mental torture” because her mother had protested against the fee-hike. This fact has not been denied by the school.

As for getting the school’s version on the complaint, this reporter had made several attempts to get in touch with the school authorities, including a visit to the school. As mentioned in the report, the security personnel manning the gates turned this reporter away, saying that the authorities would neither meet nor speak to any member of the press.

It would be appreciated if the school authorities gave the media the opportunity to verify reports.

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