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Alert US marks moment in tearful silence
The United States, its forces on high alert at home and abroad, today solemnly and tearfully remembered the traumatic day one year ago when 19 young Arabs launched a carefully planned assault on America that killed 3,025 people. ...  | Read.. 
Attacks were planned in 1991: Carlos
Carlos the Jackal, once one of the world’s most wanted men, said in remarks published from his French jail today that anti-US groups mooted the idea of slamming planes into t ...  | Read.. 
Biological pacemakers
Scientists in the US have made a breakthrough that could revolutionise heart surgery by replacing electronic pacemakers with a biological equivalent. ...  | Read.. 
Iraq heaps scorn on ‘imperialist’
Iraq poured scorn on the US on September 11, saying it was using last year’s attacks — hailed as the “punishment of God” by one Baghdad magazine — as a pretext to try to crus ...  | Read.. 
A relative of a victim of the World Trade Center disaster stands alone with a rose at Ground Zero in New York on Wednesday. (Reuters)
T-shirts for an American tragedy
At Ground Zero, this being the land of the free market, tragedy has been turned into T-shirts. ..  | Read.. 
Pole’s moving tribute
Poland’s Nobel Prize-winning poet Wislawa Szymborska has written a moving tribute to the victims of..  | Read.. 
Suspicious white powder turns out to be sugar
A suspicious white powder contained in a letter to the US c ...  | Read.. 

Al Qaida in Karachi shootout
Pakistani police said they had killed two suspected al Qaid ...  | Read.. 

Arafat calls polls in Jan
Palestinian President Yasser Arafat today called presidenti ...  | Read..