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World takes 3-point lead

Moscow: Russia’s chess team fell three points behind the World Team after the latter defeated the former 6-4 in the eighth round Tuesday night. The World Team extended its tally to 41.5 to Russia’s 38.5 and are clear favourites to win this match with two sets of 10 games remaining.

Armenian GM Vladimir Akopian stunned Garri Kasparov in 25 moves, while Boris Gelfand of Israel who recorded a victory over Alexander Khalifman with white. Viswanathan Anand, playing white, drew with Evegny Bareev in 27 moves.

In the seventh round, the World Team drew 5-5. Israel’s GM Ilia Smirin beat Vladimir Kramnik. The lone saviour for Russia was Alexey Dreev, who drew with Judit Polgar. Anand had an 18-move draw with Alexander Morozevich with black, while Kasparov was held by Azerbaijani Teimour Radjabov and Anatoly Karpov also drew with Gelfand.

In the sixth round, the World Team rested Anand who lost his fifth round game against Peter Svidler late on Monday night.

SET 8 RESULTS: Viswanathan Anand (Ind) drew Evgeny Bareev; Vadim Zvjaginsev drew Judit Polgar (Hun); Teimour Radjabov (Aze) drew Sergei Rublevsky; Peter Svidler drew Vassily Ivanchuk (Ukr); Vladimir Akopian (Arm) beat Garri Kasparov; Alexei Shirov (Spa) drew Anatoly Karpov; Alexander Grischuk drew Peter Leko (Hun); Ruslan Ponomariov (Ukr) drew Alexander Morozevich; Alexey Dreev drew Zurab Azmaiparashvili (Geo); Boris Gelfand (Isr) beat Alexander Khalifman.

SET 7 RESULTS — Morozevich drew Anand (Ind); Nigel Short (Eng) drew Rublevsky; Karpov drew Gelfand (Isr); Ivanchuk (Ukr) drew Grischuk; Garri asparov drew Radjabov (Aze); Vladimir Kramnik lost to Ilia Smirin; Polgar (Hun) lost to Dreev; Bareev drew Ruslan Ponomariov (Ukr); Leko (Hun) drew Svidler; Khalifman drew Alexei Shirov (Spa).

SET 6 RESULTS — Shirov (Spa) bt Alexander Motylev; Khalifman drew Leko (Hun); Rajdabov (Aze) lost to Morozevich; Kasparov drew Short (Eng); Ponomariov (Ukr) drew Svidler; Azmaiparashvili (Geo) drew Grischuk; Kramnik drew Polgar (Hun); Smirin (Isr) lost to Bareev; Karpov drew Ivanchuk (Ukr); Gelfand (Isr) bt Dreev. (PTI)

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