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Fullaketur Pala

Modern society and contemporary psyche are built on an edifice of various civilisations. Gradually, with time, society again undergoes transformation and the 'new' becomes old and stale. Yet can we ever deny history or our deep-rooted past' This play is based on the famous Bengali folk tale in verse, Chandimangal Kavya, written by Mukundaram Chakraborty in the 16th century. The book describes in great detail the heroic deeds of Kalketu and his wife, Fullara, and in the process, draws a detailed picture of society at that time. According to legend, Kalketu was an honest and brave hunter whose deeds pleased Devi Chandi, the presiding deity of the hunters. She blessed him and aided him to be the king. He was an able administrator and reformer who gradually changed the fabric of his society. The traditional hunters, till then a nomadic tribe, settled down to domesticity. Kalketu's effort to establish himself and his people brings to the fore the coercion between the upper strata of society and those living on its fringes. In a feudal world where acceptance is hard to come by, Kalketu, by his sheer deeds, extracted due respect for his tribe. This lyrical play depicts the tension and conflict inherent in a society on the verge of transition. This Bohurupee production is directed by Kumar Roy.

When: Today at 6.30 pm

Where: Academy of Fine Arts

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