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LEDs hold key to future of lighting

New Delhi, Sept. 9: The lighting industry is moving towards products energy efficient products like laser emitting diodes (LEDs), compact fluorescent bulbs and electronic drivers that reduce power consumption.

Shedding some light on the future of the Rs 3,000-crore lighting industry, H. S. Mamak, president emeritus, Indian Society of Lighting Engineers (ISLE) said another trend is the emergence of small scale players in the fitting industry associated with the lighting industry. Mamak said the industry is likely to continue a growth rate of 6 to 7 per cent.

He said the same light obtained from a normal 40-watt bulb can be emitted using only 2 watts of power in an LED. As against this, the compact fluorescent Lamps (CFL) that are increasingly becoming popular consume about 9 watt of power to provide light equivalent to 60 watt, he said.

LEDs are diodes that glow with the current. These are printed on circuits and hundreds of diodes are collected on the circuits depending on the light required. It is commonly used in mobile phones as well as in some traffic lights.

Lighting accounts for almost 17.5 per cent of energy consumption, said Mamak. The government, he said, wants industry to have its own standards of energy conservation for which an energy saving cell has been created.

However energy efficiency does not come cheap. A 40-watt LED can set you back by Rs 1,000 or so. A compact fluorescent bulb costs Rs 120 to give you the same light where as the humble bulb costs Rs 10.

The Rs 7,000-crore lighting division of Philips India Ltd is concentrating on bringing in a new range of LED products. The company has a joint venture with Lumileds for these products. Initially, the company is targeting the traffic light market, but will introduce them for institutional usage in the future.

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