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Litterbugs and other goons

DIPTI MUKHERJEE, Trinamul Congress councillor of ward no. 86, met residents of the area at the Vivekananda Park conservancy office, near Lake Girls’ School, to answer their queries. Participants included Sanjit Maji, Dhrubajyoti Chowdhury, Ishani Basu, Indrani Nath, Anita Roy, Deepak Basu, Dibyendu Sau and Chandan Das

Sanjit Maji: The conservancy men are not working properly in the Lake Terrace area. Litter has piled up next to Triangular Park.

I have received more complaints about this. I shall raise the issue at the next conservancy department meeting. If necessary, proper action will be taken against the sweeper who is not attending to his duties.

The litter you are talking about will be used to fill up the pits on the roads. Work was delayed by the contractors’ strike.

Dibyendu Sau: Malaria has struck in the Hindustan Park area.

That is a new phenomenon. Please keep your area clean and do not to allow water to stagnate.

Dibyendu Sau: The Safari Park, opened with much fanfare, is now shrouded with weeds.

We are worried about the park. It has not only been overrun with weeds but has also become a haven for snatchers.

Chandan Das: There were three private schools in Lake Colony, where I live. All of them have wound up.

I have already talked to the mayor-in-council member in charge of education for the revival of the schools. Of course, all three cannot be revived because there is not much space there now.

Chandan Das: Is there any plan to maintain Vivekananda Park'

I have taken some steps. Already, two gates have been erected. Earlier, the park was turning into a grazing ground and motorists were using it as a short-cut route.

Ishani Basu: After sunset, Panditiya Road becomes a car park for anti-social elements. Some of them even harass us.

The road is quite deserted after sunset. Most of the car-owners are not local people. So, we cannot identify them. I have informed the police but they are quite reluctant to take action.

Ishani Basu: Sweepers would come thrice a day earlier. Now, they have stopped coming altogether.

We have a shortage of sweepers. I have asked residents to hand in their garbage before 9 am. But they never do so. I have distributed leaflets and announced the rules over microphone, but to no effect. They do not even bother about paying Rs 500 as fine for violating rules.

Indrani Nath: Purna Das Road, specially at its junction with Jatin Bagchi Road, needs immediate repairs.

I hope the situation will improve soon. The condition deteriorated because of the contractors’ strike.

Anita Roy: Our ward has neither a community hall nor a maternity centre.

That is true. Though we are passing through a funds crunch, I shall take up the matter with the mayor’s council members.

Deepak Basu: We residents of Rashbehari Avenue are fed up with the hawkers.

I have requested the hawkers to keep the kerbs free. We are not taking any harsh steps because the Pujas are ahead.

Deepak Basu: The sodium vapour streetlights are out of order.

I have told the CMDA a number of times. The lights will be set right for the Pujas.

Deepak Basu: CTC workers leave residuary items that flow into drains and block the gully pit.

The CTC work is mainly between Basanti Devi College and Central Bank. The matter was brought to their notice but they are least bothered.

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