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Pitch black

Berlin, Sept. 5 (Reuters): Diners at Berlin’s newest restaurant cannot see what they are eating and have to be guided to their table by blind waiters because the bar is pitch black.

The restaurant, which opened on Wednesday, aims to make guests concentrate on senses other than sight. Holding on to one another, the first visitors followed 33-year old waiter Roland Zimmermann into the dining room. Although the PhD student has been blind since childhood, he is the only one able to point out chairs, cutlery and drinks. “I’m putting your plate right in front of you,” Zimmermann said. “I can't find my mouth,” one voice replied out of the dark. “I wonder what this dish is - Lasagne' Or some casserole'” another invisible guest said.

Mad diva

London (Reuters): Across town from Madonna’s palatial London mansion, the residents of a rundown housing estate were up in arms over the Material Girl on Wednesday. The reason for their ire' They called the pop superstar rude, arrogant and ridiculous for complaining that public housing projects were a blot on the London landscape. “She’s talking rubbish. You can’t pass judgment on the working classes. If she doesn’t like it, then get out,” said 76-year-old George Moore said.

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