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Sound of mountain

Sound of silence... one hears, is deafening that penetrates deep within one’s self and shakes the very root of existence. Asit Poddar’s recent paintings, currently on view, try to capture the artist’s impression of the ‘sound of mountain.’ His fluid lines capture the vast expanse of the high ominous peaks and the deep dark gorges in black and white. The stark contrast metamorphoses into a strange, mysterious world where, to actually communicate with the artist’s thoughts, all the senses are put to test. The smoky, liquid outlines that smudge the geometrical edges, seem to blur the entire atmosphere, charging each canvas into a storehouse of power. Human figures are missing in the canvas, but there is no scope for monotony as a dramatic effect is created by small definitive touches of white amid black here and there. Poddar’s images leave a deep imprint in the mind of the viewer.

When: Till September 9; 3 pm - 8 pm

Where: Chitrakoot Art Gallery, 55, Gariahat Road

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