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Jal-jibaner juddha

Water, water everywhere, not a drop to drink....

Jal (water) is synonymous with life. It provides sustenance to all living things, yet the dichotomy of life is that there is a constant and inherent strife between the two. Atanu Sharma is mesmerised by the magic woven by the vast expansive sea. The moment the “cobalt-blue” sea meets the radiant sky in the horizon, pure magic is created. The sky changes colours and so does the sea. The calm sea changes with the changing light and mood of the sea. “Violent, roaring waves want to grasp the sandy shore with all its desperate efforts. This everlasting, lively and splendid beauty touches my mind for ever...” says Sharma. Yet, he witnesses the ultimate victory that rests with Man who conquers the sea despite his own limitations. Overcoming the violent waves, the roaring, thundering presence that inspires awe, fishermen set sail deep into the sea, toiling and waging an unequal battle against the elements. As day dawns, they reap their rich harvest, “the smile of success shine on their tired and exhausted faces. Their struggle for life and existence touches my heart,” says Sharma and this is the theme of his first solo exhibition.

When: Till September 5, 3 pm - 8 pm

Where: Academy of Fine Arts, Central Gallery

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