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Why Romeo' Becks and Posh love it

London, Sept. 2 (Reuters): Romeo, Romeo — why for art thou, Romeo'

Such was the chorus being heard around Britain today as newspapers invoked the famed Shakespeare line in homage to the newborn son of soccer hero David Beckham, named after one of the world’s best-known lovers.

Victoria Beckham, aka “Posh Spice”, gave birth to 3.175-kg Romeo yesterday at the exclusive Portland Hospital in central London, where both mother and baby were reported to be doing well.

Speculation over why the superstar couple had bestowed the romantic moniker on their second son filled newspaper front pages and editorials today.

“Perhaps, like so many people, they see the name as a byword for sexual prowess, rather like Casanova,” suggested The Daily Telegraph.

“Was he conceived on a balcony or in the back of an Alfa'” bellowed a Daily Mirror headline, in reference to the couple’s decision to name their first son, three-year-old Brooklyn, after the New York borough where he was conceived.

The Manchester United and England star offered a simpler reason when reporters grilled him outside the hospital.

“It’s just a name we love,” Beckham said.

The couple’s spokesman, too, said Romeo’s name had no special significance. “It is just a name they decided they liked. I don’t know if either of them studied Romeo and Juliet at school.”

But the tabloids, many of which had speculated feverishly — and embarrassingly incorrectly — that the baby would be a girl named Paris, would not be put off.

The most popular suggestion being floated was that the baby had been named for rapper MC Romeo of the band So Solid Crew since Beckham is reportedly a big fan of garage music.

Other top guesses were Dutch midfielder Romeo Zondervan, who played for Ipswich in the 1980s and Italian fashion designer Romeo Gigli.

Intriguing name or not, the youngest Beckham will have to get used to the media spotlight.

Newspapers reported that bookmakers William Hill were already offering odds of 250-1 that Romeo will one day play for England.

Brooklyn, who is three and whose name is tattooed on his father’s back, was introduced to his brother shortly after he was born.

Beckham said: “Romeo has got Brooklyn’s nose and Victoria’s chin. Brooklyn is just in awe of him.”

Asked about the birth, the England and Manchester United star said he had been present and that it was a nerve-racking experience.

He said: “It is always nervous having children, but it is the most beautiful thing in the world.”

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