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Chant moderation mantra

Arnab Chattopadhyay,
Address not given.

Young boys and girls dancing late into the night is a common sight at discotheques. Usually, people from the affluent class are regulars at these spots. A recent police raid on some nightclubs revealed the lawlessness that prevails there. So, to maintain law and order, nightclubs should operate within a specific time.

Swagata Gupta,

Unending merry-making is not healthy. A curfew hour must be clamped on nightclubs, as these are mostly frequented by youngsters. The police should keep a vigil if criminal activities are taking place at the clubs, or if people are indulging in any obscenity.

Hussain Modan,
Loudon Street.

Although nightclubs are a place for fun, discipline and decorum have to be maintained. There have been instances of club-hoppers misbehaving, especially with women. To maintain the right ambience, I feel this is a very effective step. It will at least make mischief-mongers think twice before violating rules.

Mehreen Saba,
Address not given.

Our culture does not permit excessive indulgence. Partying at nightclubs should be restricted to youths above 18. Several teenagers visit these clubs without their parents’ knowledge, wasting the hard-earned money of their parents. This should be stopped.

Md. Tariq Akhtar,
Collin Lane.

Yes, restrictions should be clamped on nightclubs. Young boys and girls stay out late. To put an end to this, the clubs should close by midnight.

Purvi Thacker,
CIT Road.

Nightclubs and discos may not be a part of our culture but that does not mean we should shun them. Visiting nightclubs is not harmful in itself, as long as the merry-making is within moderation. Whole-night parties are good for neither health nor morals.

Amitabha Dutta Majumdar,

If we support censorship in cinema, nightclubs too should be made to follow certain regulations. They are responsible for the moral degradation of society. I firmly advocate the clamping of a curfew hour on nightclubs after 10 pm.

Jayanta Datta,

Nightclubs generate a lot of revenue for the government. There is no cause for clamping a curfew hour on the clubs. It is the administration’s responsibility to restrict entry of visitors.

Hussain Saifuddin Kalolwala,

Address not given.
nIf discos are open till late at night, then there will be no discipline left in the youth. I prefer evening parties, rather than going out late at night.

Address not given.

Curfew hours should not come in the way of entertainment. If only adults are allowed entry, they are mature enough to take care of themselves.

Joydeep Chatterjee,

Nightclubs are a place for recreation. The government should not raise any objection to this. But there should be a fixed time limit and some specific days when nightclubs will be open late. Entry should be allowed only to the 20-plus.

Address not given.

The increasing number of nightclubs in the city is a proof of their popularity among those who can afford it. Limiting their hours will leave this class disappointed, but in no way will benefit the masses. But it will definitely stop the new generation from getting spoilt.

Shiv Kumar Pandey,

While there is nothing wrong with people enjoying themselves, they should do so within limits. This move will be welcomed not only by the parents but also the party animals, who lose all sense of proportion during their ‘nocturnal adventures’.

Vineeta Nair,
Selimpur Road.

I don’t think restricting the hours of nightclubs will yield any result. Some families in India, who have adopted western mores, have lost their link with our tradition. Hence, their sense of identity is muddled, too. The younger set tends to lead a reckless life. But they can’t be reined in by imposing a curfew hour on nightclubs. Instead, their parents should focus on their wards’ well-being.

Anindita Choudhury,

A curfew hour should be imposed on nightclubs. Besides providing entertainment, nightclubs give youngsters the scope to turn into irresponsible citizens. Dancing till the wee hours and ignoring the needs of one’s family, is certainly not very Indian. Someone should check this.

Mohammad Waliuzzaman,
Bentinck Street.

There surely should be a curfew hour. I would like to say that clubs, especially nightclubs should be banned, as they is against Indian culture. We should not change our rich culture and heritage.

Prahlad Agarwala,

Nightclubs are a social evil, demoralising many. Given that sordid backdrop, it would make a lot of sense if a curfew hour is clamped on them.

Michelle Mendes,
Marquis Lane.

If one door closes, another opens. If a curfew hour is clamped on nightclubs, the revellers will simply seek entry someplace else. Instead, the authorities should be more stringent in enforcing rules, especially those concerning public decorum and obscenity. After all, a nightclub is supposed to remain open all night for people to chill out. Surely no one would want to walk away or be forced to leave amid the revelry!

Samreen Farah Naaz,

Address not given.

Many teenagers simply ‘freak out’ at the nightclubs without their parents’ knowledge. Their studies get hampered. Nightclubs should be restricted to adults.

sushma jalan,

Once inside these nightclubs, youngsters tend to forget the time and the sleepless nights being spent by their family waiting for them at home.

Udita Sen,

A curfew hour should be clamped on nightclubs, though these spots are meant for entertainment at night. Nightclubs are usually the haunts of youngsters and this takes a toll on their studies. If the hours are restricted, they can strike a balance between the two.

Arjun Mukherjee,
Address not given.

The move is essential to inculcate discipline and propriety in teenagers.

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