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Dreamland Japan

In the year 2000, Japan’s Ministry of Education ranked animae (animation) and manga (comics) among the most important forms of artistic expression in the modern Japanese cultural environment. Dreamland Japan is a festival of animated manga films, being currently hosted by the Seagull Foundation for the Arts. Manga is commonly translated as “graphic novel” because of the depth of plot commonly found in a manga and the wide range of topics that it encompasses. Coined in 1814 by the wood block artist Hokusai, who was trying to find a more accurate term to describe his artwork. (He really meant “man” to be read as “whimsical” making manga mean whimsical pictures.) Anime is a genre of animation film which has been popularised in Japan and has gained worldwide fan following in the last decade or two. Anime is often based on manga. Though commonly known as “Anime”, the media is actually a conglomeration of the Manga (comic book) industry, the anime (animated video and film) industry, and the video game (eg., Nintendo and Sony Playstation etc) industry; they are tied together by their reliance on a characteristic art style. The films to be screened during the fest are: Goku, Midnight Eye I & II (today), Devilman: Genesis & Siren the Demon Bird (tomorrow) and Ghost in the Shell (August 31).

When: Till August 31; 6 pm

Where: The Seagull Arts and Media Research Centre, 36C, S.P. Mookerjee Road

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