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Posing as Celine, comics pull a gag on Britney

Montreal, Aug. 24 (Reuters): Oops! Montreal’s radio pranksters did it again.

Canadian comics posing as singer Celine Dion persuaded Britney Spears to sing a duet with golfer Tiger Woods called “Let’s Make a Hole in One” for a bogus charity event.

Their radio clip was aired on the Internet yesterday at

Montreal comic Marc Audette, deftly imitating the voice of French-Canadian diva Dion, chatted with Spears on the telephone about each woman’s charity foundations.

After a few minutes of mutual admiration, Audette got down to business and invited Spears to come to Montreal and visit “her club” — in reality, a popular Montreal strip joint.

“We certainly won’t be distracted there,” Audette said. “Of course, Boy George won’t be invited, just to be sure.”

The comic asked Spears, 20, to participate in the charity, rattling off a list of other famous people who will be there.

“Tiger Woods, one of my personal friends, just promised me he’s going to sing a very special song in duo with you and it's going to be called “Let’s Make a Hole in One,” Audette gushes.

“Oh, I would so be interested, oh my goodness, definitely,” Spears replies.

“When do you all want to do it'”

“She first had a little bit of an aggressive reaction but then she was laughing,” Audette told Reuters, calling Spears a good sport.

“She didn’t even think it was a gag. I don’t know why. I think she was so impressed to speak to Celine Dion.”

Audette and fellow comic Sebastien Trudel — known as the Masked Avengers — are well-known for fooling famous people on their radio show.

The pair played an April Fool’s Joke on Bill Gates earlier this year when they pretended to be Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien.

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