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Liz slogs to a slimmer self after childbirth

London, Aug. 22: Elizabeth Hurley, having gained ?53lbs? during pregnancy, said that returning to her slimmer self after the birth of her son, Damian, in April had been ?a slog?.

She said: ?Losing the weight was mostly iron will. I made it my mission to get back into shape. I exercised more than I have ever done in my life.?

The actress was attending the premiere in Beverly Hills of the £14 million Serving Sara, in which she plays an estranged wife taking revenge on her husband for trying to cut her out of their joint fortune.

Missing from the first night crowd was the film producer Steve Bing, the father of her child, who has been engaged in legal wrangling over their son?s paternity. Hurley, 37, has vowed to bring up their child alone, saying she wants no money from 36-year-old Bing, who is heir to a £300 million property fortune. The child has several godfathers, including Sir Elton John and Hurley?s old flame, Hugh Grant, who lives near her in Chelsea, west London.

Holding Hurley?s hand at the cinema was her co-star, Matthew Perry, another troubled Hollywood actor.

Perry, one of the stars of the TV sitcom Friends, entered a clinic for drugs and alcohol abuse while making the film.

He said: ?I learned about some of the rewards and benefits that come from facing your fears on a daily basis, which is what I had to do and continue to do.

?When you?re in a situation like I was, where change is absolutely necessary for survival, you have to make the ultimate surrender and say: ?Look, I have a big house and a nice car and all these great friends, but the Matthew Perry plan of life just isn?t working.?

?So you go and listen to somebody else. In letting go of your ideas of what life should be, or what a man should be, and just letting it happen, you become a confident, less self-centred, more valuable member of society.?

Also at the premiere was Perry?s Friends co-star Courteney Cox. Perry is reported to be dating Renee Zellweger, the star of Bridget Jones?s Dairy.

The success of the premiere was some solace for Hurley?s latest setback: the decision to cut her cameo part as Vanessa Kensington in Goldmember, the Austin Powers movie.

The producers, who included her in the first two episodes, found that she was unable to make test audiences laugh.

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