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LAMP Fellowship: Everything you need to know about working with an MP

Mehwash Hussain
Mehwash Hussain
Posted on 14 Sep 2022
15:26 PM

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LAMP Fellowship is a special and unique opportunity to study law and public policy
The registrations for the fellowship usually start in December-January, so keep an eye on their website

Have you heard about the LAMP fellowship and are looking for more information? Or are you interested in Politics and are still wondering what you should pursue as a career? Have you considered becoming a policy analyst but do not know where to start?

The LAMP Fellowship offers young Indians the opportunity to work for approximately a year as an assistant to a Member of Parliament. Not only does it give you healthy exposure to the world of politics, but it also gives you an insight into the sort of work that goes on behind the scenes - laying down the foundation for a career in politics.

To know in detail about the fellowship, how to apply and more information, keep reading…


About the LAMP Fellowship

For young Indians, the Legislative Assistants to Members of Parliament (LAMP) Fellowship is a special and unique opportunity to study law and public policy. LAMP Fellows work full-time with their allocated Member of Parliament (MP) from the beginning of the Budget session until the completion of the Monsoon session of Parliament and are mentored by the MP.

A LAMP Fellow's main responsibility is to give their MP comprehensive research support for their parliamentary activity. To do this, the fellow must write parliamentary questions, prepare remarks for zero-hour discussions, bring up issues of public concern, and develop private members' legislation, among other things. Many MPs also invite ideas for new initiatives that may strengthen the MP’s standing in their constituency.

When Parliament is not in session, LAMP Fellows participate in seminars on crucial policy and development topics, where they interact with decision-makers, specialists from various think tanks, academics from numerous renowned universities, and leaders from major public policy bodies. For a hands-on introduction to government at the grassroots level, LAMP Fellows also take part in field trips during the sessions time.

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Role of a LAMP Fellow

For a period of 10–11 months, depending on the parliamentary schedule, the LAMP Fellowship offers candidates a chance to receive guidance from a Member of Parliament. Throughout the Fellowship, fellows get to interact with experts from a variety of industries and get insights into crucial national policy and development concerns.

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The major responsibility of the Fellow is to support the designated Member of Parliament (MP) with research. A sizable portion of a LAMP Fellow's study focuses on the Parliament, including contributions to bills, parliamentary inquiries, policy discussions, and standing committee sessions. For the conferences and media gatherings that MPs go to in their official capacities, LAMP Fellows are usually expected to conduct background research. Even though certain MPs may assign their LAMP Fellows duties relevant to their constituencies, accepting such work (including going to the constituency) is contingent upon the MP and the LAMP Fellow coming to an agreement.

Defence, food security, the environment, economics, and international policy are just a few of the topics that LAMP Fellows study. Typical research tasks include

  • Legislative research
  • Data Analysis
  • Framing parliamentary questions
  • Background research on parliamentary debates
  • Research for Standing Committee meetings
  • Drafting Private Member Bills
  • Media-related work including drafting press releases, preparing interventions for TV appearances
  • Research for constituency-related issues
  • Interacting with stakeholders

Eligibility Criteria for the LAMP Fellowship

For the LAMP Fellowship, the official authorities look out for brilliant, highly motivated young people. They have a particular set of eligibility requirements that candidates must meet, which are as follows:

  • Candidates for the LAMP Fellowship must be 25 years of age or younger
  • Candidates must hold a Bachelor's degree in a relevant academic field
  • The LAMP Fellowship is only available to Indian citizens

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How to apply for the LAMP Fellowship?

Candidates who are interested in applying for the LAMP Fellowship should:

Step 1: Visit the official website of LAMP

Step 2: Register on the website by providing the required information

Step 3: After registering, login to the portal with your login credentials

Step 4: Fill out the application form with all the relevant details

Step 5: Scan and upload the required documents

Step 6: Submit the application form, download it as a PDF and take a printout as well

Selection Process for the LAMP Fellowship

According to the LAMP eligibility requirements, the authorities will review all the applications received and shortlist them. The shortlisted candidates will then be assessed before being contacted for a PRS interview. To be awarded the LAMP Fellowship and a chance to work under an MP, candidates must pass the personal interview round.

Benefits of the LAMP Fellowship

As a LAMP fellow, you get:

  • Chance to work as and learn from a legislative assistant for an active MP
  • Whilst the fellowship is in effect, a monthly stipend of INR 20,000
  • The opportunity to gain an understanding of lawmaking and public policy
  • An impressive addition to your CV which can increase your opportunities afterwards

Political science is assisting students in reaching new heights professionally by offering a wide range of new opportunities. It is an opportunity for people who want to learn about and analyse how politics, the government, and society operate.

The LAMP Fellowship can be your chance to gain experience and contribute to the development of the nation. The registrations for the fellowship usually start in December-January, so keep an eye on their website and apply as soon as you can!

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15:26 PM
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