Watch these documentaries to know all about cryptocurrency

Saikat Chakraborty
Saikat Chakraborty
Posted on 16 Jan 2022
13:34 PM

Five documentaries to know the immense possibilities in the cryptocurrency world

Here’s how cryptocurrency has become alternative finance in the global community connected by the Internet
These documentaries will delve into the technology and operations of cryptocurrency

Making money can take many forms. You can earn it, stumble upon it, inherit it, steal and merrily make away with it. Or, if you are someone like Satoshi Nakamoto, an insanely brilliant tech-wizard, you can find a way to create it.

On a winter evening in 2009, Nakamoto sat in front of his computer and finally developed a new currency, bitcoin, with the use of a technology called blockchain. There was no paper, no bullion—only some lines of code and a formal announcement on the Internet.

Growing interest in bitcoin has ushered in other computer coders to come up with still newer currencies. All these are now labelled under cryptocurrency, which is mysterious, ever-evolving, controversial, and a craze among young people around the world.


Here are five cryptocurrency documentaries that cover this new financial revolution.

Netflix Explained: Cryptocurrency

This documentary briefly explains blockchain technology and how cryptocurrency tokens work in just 14 minutes. Created by Vox, it explores the inception, rise, deception and fall of the cryptocurrency. Watch it to explore the backlash from governments and traditional financial institutions against this new form of financial wizardry.

Available on: Netflix

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

Directed by Nicholas Mross, this documentary presents what bitcoin means for the world. It introduces concepts like digital currency and the blockchain network to educate people about the scope and prospects of this specific type of cryptocurrency. Watch it to know the basics of investing in bitcoin and how it has changed the perception of finance in a connected world.

Available on: YouTube

Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It

Torsten Hoffmann’s brilliant documentary will guide you through the evolution of money and the potential of bitcoin. It also explains why bitcoin is different from others and explores its dark side. Watch it to learn the history of money and its evolution to a decentralized payment system in the form of cryptocurrency.

Available on: YouTube

Banking on Bitcoin

Christopher Cannucciari’s 2016 documentary gives an in-depth overview of bitcoin. It portrays bitcoin as an ambitious social experiment and an open, decentralised ledger rather than a ‘currency’. Watch it to know a different standpoint that draws the dividing line for an ideological battle between alternative finance and conventional capitalism.

Available on: Vimeo/ YouTube

The Blockchain Revolution

This documentary explains how blockchain, a specific type of database, is behind almost every new digital invention regarding distribution. It explains how blockchain technology makes our data more secure to ensure reliable digital transactions. Watch it to know how blockchain has played a key role in the emergence of cryptocurrency.

Available on: Curiosity Stream

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