Mysore Tracktrial

29 Jul 2021 6:05 AM

Outer sand


El Tycoon (R Shiva Kumar) in 45s. Was handy.  


Sadeek (S Hussain) in 46s. Easy. 

Wind Whzitler (Rb) in 45s. Was handy.  

N R I Super King (Rb) in 45s. Easy.  

Order Order (Rb) in 46s. Easy.  

Royal Desighn (Rb) in 45.5s. Easy.  


Awarness (Rb) and

Mari Gold (Rb) in 41s. They were level. Both moved well.  


Dhunter (H Rahul) in 45s. Was handy.  



Be Bold (Rb) in 59s; (600m) 41s. Worked well.  

Star Atrium (Sharvan Kumar) in 1-0s; (600m) 44s. Was handy.  



Montegreco (Rb) in 1-16s; (800m) 59s; (600m) 43s. Was handy.  


Bonito (S Hussain) and

Winall (Rb) in 1-16s; (800m) 1-00s; (600m) 44s. They were level. Both were handy.


King's Command (Rb) in 1-15s; (800m) 59s; (600m) 43s. Moved well.  

Wood Cutter (Rb) in 1-11s; (800m) 57s; (600m) 42.5s. Worked well.  

Double Trouble (Rb) in 1-12s; (800m) 55s; (600m) 40s. Fit.  


Haloween'sway (Rb) and

Rain Cloud (R Ajay Kumar) in 1-15s; (800m) 57s; (600m) 40.5s. They were level. Both are fit.  


Good Opinio (Rb) in 1-16s; (800m) 59s; (600m) 42s. Worked well.  

Crescendo (Rb) in 1-12s; (800m) 56s; (600m) 38s. Very fit.  


San Vinto (Rb) and

Tremendous (Rb) in 1-15s; (800m) 58s; (600m) 41s. They were level. Both are fit.  



Flash Bond (Rb) and

Trust Bond (Janardhan P) in 1-24s; (1,000m) 1-9s; (800m) 54.5s; (600m) 40.5s. They were level. Both are fit.  


Dumas (Rb) in 1-32s; (1,000m) 1-15s; (800m) 56s; (600m) 41s. Worked well.  


Ashwa Jakarta (Rb) and

Ashwa Rajouki (Rb) in 1-25s; (1,000m) 1-10s; (800m) 55s; (600m) 38.5s. They were level. Both are very fit.



Sally's Gift (Rb) in 1-46 1200/1-127,s; (1,000m) 1-11s; (800m) 56s; (600m) 41s. Fit.