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WORLD EARTH DAY 2023: Top 3 sustainability careers to do your bit for the environment

Nancy Jaiswal
Nancy Jaiswal
Posted on 22 Apr 2023
10:20 AM

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We, the human race and all other living organisms, have been given this one earth
On this World Earth Day 2023, let us take forward the conversation on sustainability by talking about 3 rewarding careers

We, the human race and all other living organisms, have been given this one earth. And all the reports at this point show that over the last century, we have not really been taking care of the very planet that gives us life and sustenance. So, what is the solution to that? We say it is sustainability - and this World Earth Day 2023, let us take forward the conversation on sustainability by talking about 3 rewarding careers that will allow you to further the cause and give back to Mother Earth.

But you may well ask, what is sustainability?

Sustainability is avoiding the depletion of natural resources so as to maintain the ecological balance in Nature. Following a sustainable lifestyle lessens your carbon footprint and the quantity of contaminants discharged into the environment. The entire globe gains from a sustainability focus and gets to live in more hygienic, healthier settings. A profession in sustainability can provide creative solutions to the problem of ecological balance.


Top 3 flourishing careers in sustainability in 2023 are:

1. Green designer or sustainable fashion designer: ​​The creative sectors have a significant impact on changing our environment. Whether it be as an artist who gathers millions of pieces of plastic garbage to make art, or a sustainable fashion designer who creates clothing out of recycled materials or pioneers vegan leather. In their respective businesses, creative people are uniquely positioned to push the envelope of what is possible.

Besides art and design, you might also choose to work with eco-architecture, creating structures with the least amount of negative environmental impact. This entails adopting sustainable materials, the most effective energy use, and collaborating with existing ecosystems rather than clearing land to develop new structures.

“Sustainability now is a huge term. Every fast fashion brand like Zara, H&M etc. in the current time is pledging to go 100% sustainable, now that the future is focusing and moving towards sustainability and as our industry progresses towards the same they will definitely require graduates who understand the term sustainability instead of just basic fashion designing. In the present and upcoming times, there will be huge job opportunities for students who pursue courses in sustainable fashion designing,” added Mr Alok Singh, Director, ESEDS School of Design.

Source: Unsplash

2. Sustainability engineers: A sustainability engineer evaluates sites, examines financial data, and creates plans to build and implement renewable energy projects. Although sustainability engineers often operate indoors, they occasionally need to travel to particular job sites in order to effectively formulate task designs, comprehend necessary job specifications, and become more familiar with the project at hand. Before formally becoming engineers-in-training (EITs) or engineer interns (EIs), college graduates are typically needed to sit for and pass the Fundamentals of Engineering exam.

3. Sustainability advisor: In the modern world’s fast moving and evolving space there are also jobs in sustainability for you as long as you have commercial acumen and project management abilities to help organisations go green. Consultants in sustainability are employed for their knowledge on how to reduce a company's carbon impact. They can perform an environmental impact assessment and direct a company in reducing its use of water, trash, and carbon emissions, among other things. As an example, they might advise the government on how to ensure that a new project for urban regeneration or a new transportation infrastructure is environmentally sound, which will be crucial in the coming years.

“Awareness about the environment creates skills which are needed to face complex, challenging, and adverse situations. With this knowledge we can also assess the impact of ecological factors on life around us and learn how to make it more sustainable. It leads to a healthy and naturally balanced lifestyle”
- added Prof. Arvind Chaturvedi, Pro Vice Chancellor, Director, School of Management, IILM University

And finally, why is Earth Day important, you may wonder?

According to Pauline Laravoire, Co Founder & CEO, Y-East, “Every year, on 22 of April, on the occasion of Earth Day since its introduction in the USA back in 1970, thousands and thousands of environmental organisations around the world to create collaborative spaces, large scale campaigns and collective projects. This in turn also provides a platform to school students to imagine and present climate solutions by adding up initiatives, to get a global and significantly impactful movement”. For example, this year, Y-East is joining hands with CCC, the SwitchOn Foundation and Earth Day Network in association with the Techno India Group and Offbeat CCU to organise the Conference of Schools 2023 which will give such a platform to school students.

A career that aligns to sustainability is significant and consistent with our ultimate goal to heal the Earth. It also guarantees your employability even during difficult times. And last but not least, a sustainable career promotes strong physical and mental health throughout your professional life, as well as helps you strike the right work-life balance.

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