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Top 5 websites to make your freelance writing job hunt easy

Aditi Gupta
Aditi Gupta
Posted on 14 Oct 2022
16:09 PM
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Writers are advised to start their freelance journey with thorough research on the types of website portals that would suit their needs
These platforms will help you to showcase your skills and work for paying clients

A fact that most freelance writers are well aware of is that getting started in the industry takes more than mere motivation and a love for the craft. It requires resourcefulness, persistence, and most importantly, a place to connect with potential clients. But before all that, you also need to have an understanding of what your freelance journey would be like.

Understanding freelance writing

Freelance writing refers to any writing-related work done by freelancers or independent contractors. Freelance writers work in a wide range of industries and niches, similar to freelance graphic designers or consultants.


If you like writing and have been thinking of stepping into a freelance journey but don't know where to begin, fret not. We at Edugraph have curated a list of freelance websites to help you find potential customers and gain that extra income.

How do these websites work?

Just the way you make an account on Gmail or Facebook, signing up for these websites is not a particularly difficult task. And of course, you can create these accounts for free. However, once you have created your profile, for a beginner, the process of acquiring and completing work on these portals can seem a little tricky or confusing.

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In fact, one of the biggest complaints that beginners have with these portals is that they never get beyond creating a profile because they seem to find it difficult to bag jobs.

So, go ahead and check out…

How you should go about it:

  • Create your profile.
  • Browse through the writing jobs that are listed by clients, find jobs that match your skillsets and apply for these.
  • Next, you start bidding for the job. This next step is the most crucial - read the job description carefully and fill out your application accordingly. You may be asked to enter the amount you will be charging, the time you will take to complete the project as well as a short write-up justifying why you are the best person for the job.This is something like a cover letter and the best opportunity for you to highlight your skills that best match the job.
  • Based on your application, if the client thinks you are a good fit, they will accept the bid or reach out to you. For this reason, it is essential that you be honest in your application - do not over-commit, or charge a ridiculously low amount, just to get the job., as these hurt your credibility in the long run.
  • Each registered user is provided with an online account for payments and fund transfers. Once a job is completed and the client is satisfied with it, the payment will be credited to your account.
  • Once the payment is complete, the website directs both parties to a feedback system where the clients and writers can rate each other. These ratings are displayed on your profile and visible to potential clients.

Now that you know the ins and outs of getting your first freelance writing job - let’s get to where you can look for these jobs.

5 Websites for freelance writing :

There are several online freelance platforms where thousands of jobs are listed every single day. Popular websites include Freelancer, Contently, and Upwork, among others. These platforms will help you to showcase your skills and work for paying clients.

1. Freelancer

A reliable source for accessing part-time or full-time job opportunities, without having to invest in posting adverts. Freelancer is an online job portal that acts as a marketplace for hundreds of freelancers and clients from all around the world.

Clients post their requirements either for a short or a long-term assignment, and freelancers can post their bids for the task.

2. Fiverr

One of the most popular and sought out websites for freelance digital services. Fiverr focuses on offering writing gigs and short-time tasks, suitable for freelancers who are short on time and want to make some quick money.

Fiverr has enlisted two categories: Sellers and Buyers

  1. Sellers: Freelancers showcasing their skills and services to potential clients (buyers) are known as sellers. They also include their rates here.
  2. Buyers: Clients who are looking for writing services are listed as buyers. The buyer browses through seller profiles and reaches out to them.

3. FlexJobs

Another reliable and user-friendly website for freelancers. The platform features a list of freelance job openings by clients with a brief description of what they are looking for.

Additionally, the writer can directly search for their preferred job role and job locations on the search bar. However, in order to apply for the job, creating an account is necessary. Flexjob will send you job updates as per your requirements. This platform is similar to that Linkedin when it comes to applying for jobs.

Clients offer remote and flexible jobs at this portal. Although this portal is free to use, it does offer a premium membership option which can increase your chances of getting the right freelancing job you have been looking for.

4. Upwork

This website focuses on both short and long-term gigs, along with offering complex projects which require writers from a certain genre. It offers an excellent platform to showcase your skills.

Your portfolio will be enlisted on the website and shared so that prospective clients can reach out to you in the form of an invite. You can check profiles and availability, as well as complete transactions securely online.

5. Contently

Contently connects freelance writers with big companies such as Coca-Cola, GM, Walmart, and Google. This provides you with the chance to establish your name with big companies, thus building a more impressive portfolio.

The headhunters at Contently go through the writer’s portfolios and select writers who are the best fit for the brands that are present. Once they reach out to you, you must negotiate a rate and then you can get started. However, this website is designed for experienced writers with a strong portfolio, so make sure you have built up a portfolio of other work that you can showcase before you try your hand here.

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Working as a freelance writer means you will get to be in charge of your schedule, and pick up projects and topics that interest you. One of the most lucrative aspects of freelancing is that you also have the liberty to set your rates and change them as required.

Building a strong online presence will help you in showcasing your work to your prospective clients. Make sure to include client-focused content in your portfolio. Mention how you will be of use to the client and how you can solve their problems. Doing all of this will help you to boost your freelance writing opportunities.

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