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Overcoming Exam Fear & Anxiety: Key Tips To Boost Confidence in Board Exams 2024 from Experts

Nancy Jaiswal
Nancy Jaiswal
Posted on 16 Feb 2024
10:27 AM

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For students, the pressure of exams, assignments, and competitions can be pressurising, potentially impacting their mental and physical well-being
Engaging in solving textbook problems and past exam papers aids comprehensive review. Commencing revision early ensures adequate preparation, mitigating last-minute cramming and associated stress

School life, though filled with excitement and fun, often presents its own set of challenges. For students, the pressure of exams, assignments, and competitions can be daunting, potentially impacting their mental and physical well-being. Managing stress particularly during exam seasons, is undoubtedly a daunting task.

In light of these concerns, The Telegraph Online Edugraph got in touch Dr Sarmistha Chakrabarti, Consultant Psychiatrist, Manipal Hospital Salt Lake, Kolkata to help students cope with exam stress and she added “I believe students must study at the same place as it improves concentration and retention power. Next, a healthy diet must be maintained and junk food should be a strict no before & during the exams. Students must further note that colourful short notes increase retention and make last minute revision easy. Make notes and keep them handy for a quick glance”.

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Engaging in solving textbook problems and past exam papers aids comprehensive review. Commencing revision early ensures adequate preparation, mitigating last-minute cramming and associated stress.

The Telegraph Online Edugraph also spoke to Dr. Abhinit Kumar, Senior Psychiatry, Sharda Hospital who stated “Facing exams confidently, especially in subjects like maths and science, requires effective strategies to cope with stress. Firstly, preparing and planning well in advance can prevent last-minute performance anxiety. Secondly, maintaining faith in your skills and cultivating an optimistic outlook can boost confidence. Thirdly, utilising time management techniques during study sessions and practice exams ensures efficient use of allocated time during the test. Fourthly, joining study groups and regularly practising challenging subjects while also revising simpler ones is crucial for comprehensive preparation. Fifthly, focusing on understanding fundamental concepts rather than mere memorization enhances long-term retention and problem-solving abilities. Additionally, practising diagrams and theories aids in better understanding and retention. Finally, committing to daily review and revision ensures thorough preparation and confidence during exams.”

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There are various reasons why this fear might arise - whether it's dealing with challenging subjects, feeling the pressure to excel academically, or fearing disappointment in the eyes of your parents.

Avoid using the language of fear; for example, "I can't do this, I hate this subject, I never understand it, I haven’t studied enough." Instead, use positive and realistic language: "If I work hard, I usually do well", " It may not be my favourite; however, I have the ability to manage it” stated Nooraa Sinha, Head of Counselling and Wellbeing Department, Shiv Nadar School, Noida.

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In case you still go through feelings of anxiety or apprehension, confiding in trusted elders can provide valuable guidance in managing stress and safeguarding mental health. Employing efficient time management strategies enables balanced allocation of study time, leisure, and relaxation, fostering a sense of control.

“Incorporate mindfulness and relaxation techniques into your daily routine. Techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, or yoga can significantly reduce stress levels. Practise these methods regularly, especially during study breaks or before going to bed. A calm and centred mind will enhance your ability to concentrate and retain information, ultimately boosting your confidence during exams” said Dr. Aakanksha Gupta, Child councillor & VP at SK Education group.

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In somewhat similar lines Rashi Goyal- Founder & CEO, The Empty Chair Counselling Center opines “It is also very necessary to get fresh air and do some form of physical exercise. Students need to ensure to go for a 30-minute walk/jog/run or indulge in some form of outdoor exercise”.

By incorporating these stress management tips, students can face exams with confidence. Effective time management, mindfulness, active learning, seeking support, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle are key elements to ensure a calm and focused approach during exam season.

“Students must connect with their long-term study goals to stay motivated, focused and determined. Moreover, maintaining a perspective is vital; students must note that exams are temporary challenges they can overcome with the right mindset and support” says Seerat Kaur, Counselling Psychologist and Consulting Associate at Athena education.

Remember, exams are an opportunity to showcase your knowledge and skills, and with the right mindset, you can excel while keeping stress at bay.

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