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Culinary Arts: An Underrated and Flourishing Career Choice

Mehwash Hussain
Mehwash Hussain
Posted on 13 Jul 2022
10:36 AM
Culinary Art is one of the most aesthetic skills to have.

Culinary Art is one of the most aesthetic skills to have. Pinterest

Culinary Art is often considered an underrated career choice whereas it is one of the most flourishing professions one can pursue
Chefs or cooks are those that specialise in Culinary Arts and work in restaurants

“There is no sincerer love than the love for food” ~ George Bernard Shaw

Do you agree with G.B. Shaw? Although there are many ways that people may express their feelings, food is the easiest and most universal approach. From forming friendships to strengthening bonds, from commemorating special occasions, settling issues, and showing our appreciation for life - food features in so much of our lives. Each person has a favourite dish that you may make for or serve to them as a sign of your affection.

Culinary arts originated around 2 million years ago with early humans. While for most of us it is a domestic chore, for a celebrated chef, it is an art form. It is also one of the most underrated and flourishing careers in the world today. Culinary Arts as a discipline combines the science and art of cooking, or in other words, food preparation and presentation.


Chefs or cooks are those people that specialise in Culinary Arts and work in restaurants. Expert chefs must be well-versed in food science, nutrition, and diet, and they must prepare dishes that are as appealing to the eyes as they are to the tongue. They may be employed at restaurants, delicatessens, hotels and even hospitals.

Skills You Can Learn From Culinary Arts

When you sign up for culinary school, you may be aspiring toward a career as a chef or a hospitality manager. Or you might be unsure of your career goals, and just want to follow your passion for food, taste, or hospitality. In either case, Culinary Arts is a good place to start as it arms with a number of transferable skills that will serve you across professions. Some of these skills include:

1. Willingness To Learn

One must master a number of different cuisines, flavours and techniques to master the culinary arts. Having the willingness to constantly learn is the key to a successful career both in the culinary arts and otherwise.

2. Multitasking

Cooking as an art requires a person to keep track of a variety of processes at the same time. Developing this ability to multitask can take you a long way.

3. Time Management

Time management is of utmost importance to finish and prioritise tasks and deliver the best possible service. This is another skill that is developed through culinary arts education.

4. Resilience

When you are in the hospitality business, you must be able to take criticism, evaluate it objectively, and determine whether it is justified. This resilience is often the differentiating factor between those who succeed and those who give up.

5. Business Sense

There is more to a successful culinary profession than just cooking mouthwatering food. While culinary school may teach you how to bring out the best in terms of taste, when it comes to running a successful restaurant, catering company, or food truck, skills such as accounting knowledge, managing cost and entrepreneurship are also essential. And as a result, these will also be a part of your education.

Job Opportunities With A Culinary Arts Degree

For those who are passionate, enthusiastic, and creative, particularly about food, Culinary Arts is an open space. There will always be people who love eating and are constantly on the lookout for new and interesting cuisines and restaurants. Armed with a Culinary Arts degree, one option available to you can be to open your own restaurant, cafe or hotel.

However, if you are someone who is looking to work elsewhere to hone your skills, you can look at the many job opportunities, entry-level as well as experienced, that are available to you. Whether your interest lies in cooking, baking or hospitality management, do explore these options.

Here’s a list of career opportunities to pursue with a degree in culinary arts:

  • Culinary Specialist
  • Sou Chef
  • Food Service Director
  • Food Technologist
  • Executive Chef
  • Food Safety Specialist
  • Mixologists
  • Catering Coordinator
  • Brewer
  • Private Chef
  • Sommelier

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