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8 things you can do in the break after Class X board exams

Saikat Chakraborty
Saikat Chakraborty
Posted on 03 Apr 2022
15:16 PM
You can develop life skills in the break after your Class X board exams.

You can develop life skills in the break after your Class X board exams. Shutterstock

You can utilise the break after your Class X board exams by developing some life skills that may come in handy when you get into higher studies and even beyond that
Coding, creative writing, learning a new language and internships are some of the most popular options

You’re enjoying a well-earned break after your Class X board exams. But apart from indulging in fun and frolic, you can also utilise this break by preparing for your future course of study and developing some skills that could come in handy when you get into higher studies or even beyond that.

Concentrate on personal development


Personal development is all about improving your capabilities and potential to advance your development as an individual. By constantly practising personal development skills you can realise your maximum potential. You need to concentrate on personal growth as soon as possible. It’ll help you every step of the way, right from your higher studies to your growth as a working professional. The extended break after the Class X board exams is the perfect time to develop yourself.

Manage your time

Time management plays an integral part in every student’s life as they need to figure out how to make the most of their time. You can do free online courses in time management during the break to master this life skill. Knowing how to manage your time will not only assist you in your studies but also stand you in good stead for the rest of your life.

Learn speed reading

Speed reading is the process of rapidly recognising and absorbing phrases or sentences on a page all at once. aWe usually read around 250 words per minute. If you speed read, it may allow you to double this rate. Speed reading is an extremely useful ability for students, especially after Class X when you have to juggle between text and reference books. You can do various online courses to learn speed reading and stay a step ahead of your classmates.

Join coding classes

Coding has evolved as a necessary skill. Every student needs to learn the basics of coding to enhance their problem-solving skills. Knowing coding will help you decipher problems during higher studies. If you have a specific interest in computers and if you enjoy crunching numbers, you can enrol in any online coding courses.

Know how to design apps

Apps are all around us. Look at your smartphone, laptop or tablet — you’ll see them installed for specific purposes. App designing can be a creative way to spend your time during this break as it’ll enhance your problem-solving skills. You can learn the fundamentals from online courses. What’s more, if your app catches the eye of tech giants, you could be catapulted into the status of being a tech wizard!

Become proficient in creative writing

Learning creative writing can be a therapeutic exercise. You may channel your emotions and learn how to manage in a circumstance by writing a tale. Through words you can channel your emotions and express your feelings. What you write can be your tools to explore different worlds and ideas without fear of being judged by anyone. You can learn creative writing via online courses or may opt for classroom teaching at various places.

Master a foreign language

Knowing a foreign language can help you study abroad. Many countries offer scholarships to international students who can communicate in their native language. Learning a foreign language is the way to get introduced to another country and culture. It also promotes your personal development by improving your resume. You can learn several languages online. However, going to an institute makes for a more immersive and fruitful experience.


Students who are done with their Class X board exams can explore internship opportunities. Working as an intern will help you develop life skills and build a strong network of professionals. Apart from that, internships are the perfect opportunity to see professionals at work and accordingly set your target for the future. Several startups take school students as interns in various fields. You can search online to find out more about these opportunities.

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