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Top 10 online platforms that can help you search for student internships

Saikat Chakraborty
Saikat Chakraborty
Posted on 15 Jan 2022
17:17 PM
Some websites and online platforms display internship opportunities for students.

Some websites and online platforms display internship opportunities for students. source : Shutterstock

Student internships set the tone for future careers by providing hands-on guidance and industry insights
Networking and picking up new skills can land you a great job once you are ready to work full time

Professional experience is vital for getting hired. Internships could give you that with the extra edge of hands-on guidance with regular feedback and industry insights. Building a solid network of professionals and picking up new skills are the perks of working as an intern as they would help you land a great job once you are ready for full-time work.

Types of Internships

  • Paid internships: This type of internships are available in the private sector, mostly in large organisations that can pay students working as interns.
  • Non-paid internships: Though they don’t involve any payment to students, they do come with some kind certification after the internship period.
  • Credit internships: Internships for credit are closely related to academia — several college programmes require students to complete internships in order to be considered credit-worthy.
  • Non-profit internships: These involve volunteer work for NGOs and mostly involve educational activities and social sector jobs.
  • Provisional internships: These are considered job auditions. Many companies hire interns to see if they could be hired as full-time employees.

Here are top 10 online places that display internship opportunities across different sectors:

Glassdoor: Glassdoor is a global job search platform that allows you to look for internships and jobs in almost any field. You can look for job and internship openings, company reviews and job interview descriptions on this portal. It also provides easy application options and career advice.


Internshala: It is one of India's largest internship platforms. It shows a diverse range of industries from where you can choose your preferred mode of internship. You can find internshipship opportunities at multinationals to small businesses through this portal.

Idealist: This non-profit global organisation assists people in locating jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities for organisations all over the world. Here you can look for internships in both social and development sectors.

Global Experiences: This website for international internships and career preparation programmes offers both college students and young professionals dynamic and professional internship opportunities.

Twenty19: This platform uses its website as well as social media handles to find internship opportunities for students and young professionals. It provides students with a more relaxed and welcoming environment in which to interact with internship-providing companies.

Media Bistro: This platform specialises in the media industry. It connects media talent with businesses. If you want to work in media, broadcasting, advertising or marketing, Mediabistro is a great place to look for internship opportunities.

LetsIntern: This is an internship website in India which allows college students to find internships in their field of choice. Here you can look for internship opportunities in India’s booming start-up sector.

InternWorld: It provides a solid framework for college students to categorise and organise their prior experiences. After filling out an online profile with the necessary information, you are free to browse thousands of internship listings from various industries.

HelloIntern: This internship site functions primarily as an alternative to the various internship websites in India. It also functions as a portal that connects students with the reputation of large corporations.

InternMee: This is a website that connects high school students with companies that offer internships, leadership, and volunteer opportunities. Its mission is to help students advance in the corporate world by providing them with access to the right networks and exposure to a variety of professions.

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