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Tesseract x Felicific hosted by Guru Nanak Institute of Technology was packed with fun and activity

Suha Roy
Suha Roy
Posted on 17 Apr 2022
11:17 AM

Edited by Raghib Haider

Coding, robotics, gaming, graffiti, debate and more over three days
Organisers plan to set up a Village Adoption Programme and plant 100 trees

Coding, gaming, dance, music, robotics, debate, art — Tesseract x Felicific hosted by the technical club and media team of Guru Nanak Institute of Technology (GNIT) saw more than 2,650 students from 15 colleges take part in 39 events from March 24 to 26.

“Our aim is to set up a Village Adoption Programme to try and spread acts of kindness. We chalked out a post-fest plan of planting 100 trees across Sodepur, Kolkata,” said Rahul Sarkar, a fourth-year Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering student and the convener of the fest.



Code Golf, Website Development and Super Coder were the three events in the coding section. Code Golf was all about shortening and trimming a code. Manish Das and Avirup Pal, both second-year Computer Science Engineering students of GNIT, won the event. Super Coder, the coding competition, was won by Jeet Majumder and Souvik Sarkar, both second-year Information Technology students of GNIT, while Website Development competition was won by Anirban Pal, a second-year Computer Science Engineering student of GNIT.

“TesseractXFelicific went off without a hitch, thanks to the event coordinators' tireless work. We planned for approximately one-and-a-half months and were able to carry out our plans effectively. The coding event participants had a good time and flexed their fingers in anticipation of the innovative and humorous coding questions,” said Prithviraj Biswas, a fourth-year Computer Science & Engineering student GNIT, who organised the coding events.


There were six events in this section. Jeet Chakraborty, a fourth-year Electrical Engineering student of Techno Main, Salt Lake, won Line Follower, where participants had to move robo cars through curvy pathways. “I participated in an offline event after a long time. I’ve been into Robotics for the last two years. I had to fix my bot before coming here as it was non-functional for a long time,” said Jeet. Terranova was about completing the track fastest, while overcoming obstacles. A team from Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology — Arka Jyoti Deb from Information Technology, Souparno Dutta and Hrishit Das from Computer Science Engineering, Binita Ghosh and Sumanta Basak from Electronics and Communication Engineering — took home the winner’s trophy for Robo Soccer. Other popular events were Micromouse, a robo-maze game, and Robo War.

Art, Tech and Business

Colours, thoughts and brushes, Tesseract x Felicific had three art events. The poster presentation saw beautiful and bright illustrations with strong messages. The winners were Ankita Das and Adrija Saha, both second-year Computer Science engineering students of GNIT who made a poster on Pride Awareness and LGBTQ Community. Sketches and paints adorned canvases at Vignette, the art competition. The winner was Sneha Karmakar from GNIT. Graffiti, a vibrant splash of colours and feelings, was won by Bishista Das Gupta and Shreyosi Dutta, both second-year Biochemistry students of Adamas University.

FStop, the photography contest, was won by Nikhil Kumar Rai of GNIT and Model Display, the model-making competition, was won by Arunabha Paul, Rima Dutta, Subham Das and Anshuman Shaw, all three second-year diploma in Electrical Engineering, students of GNIT.

Business Venture was all about applying business skills. The winning team comprised Abhimanyu Prasad, a first-year Computer Science Engineering student, and Anurag Kumar, a third-year Information Technology student of GNIT, Adhyan Prasad, a third-year Mechanical Engineering student from MCKV Engineering College, Liluah, and Tushar Maheshwari, a first-year BCom student of The Bhawanipur Education Society College.

Cultural and Literary

Mind Games, the debate competition, was won by Suronjona Banerjee, Debojyoti Mukherjee and Sanjukta Banik, all first-year Food Technology department students of GNIT. The dance battle, Nrityagraha, was won by Priyam Karmakar, a first-year Computer Science Engineering student of GNIT. Outlook, the creative writing competition, was won by Artija Ganguly, a second-year Computer Science Engineering student of GNIT. Apart from these, there were music, band and short filmmaking contests too.


Gaming is not just restricted to a hobby now. Youngsters got to compete in seven events under this category. The winner of Valorant was Rajdeep Varma of UEM, Kolkata. NFS Most Wanted was won by Suvadeep Dutta, a fourth-year Information Technology student at IEM. “Gaming is one of my hobbies and I was elated to get a chance to participate in this fest. The competition was quite tough and I’m happy that I won,” said Suvadeep. Checkmate, the chess tournament, was won by Bitan Chakraborty. The Eight-ball Pool was won by Rahul Sharma, a first-year Computer Science Engineering student of GNIT. The winners of BGMI squad — Arka Karmakar, a Computer Science Engineering student and Arnab Singha who is studying BCA from GNIT, Pramit Roy, a Computer Science Engineering student of UEM and Suprotim Das, a Computer Science Engineering student from Sur Institute of Technology.

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