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Student from Sri Sri Academy, Kolkata participated in Change Makers Summer Bootcamp at IIT Delhi

Our Correspondent
Our Correspondent
Posted on 19 Jul 2022
14:40 PM
A student from Sri Sri Academy took part in IIT-Delhi Bootcamp

A student from Sri Sri Academy took part in IIT-Delhi Bootcamp Sri Sri Academy

Summer Bootcamp organised by IIT Delhi from 23 June to 25 July 2022
A total of 25 students were selected from across the country for the summer Bootcamp


Devansh Maruti Saraf, a student of class 12, Sri Sri Academy, Kolkata participated in a 5-week Summer Bootcamp organised by IIT Delhi from 23 June to 25July 2022. In the interview that follows Devansh shares his unique IIT Delhi experience.

1. How did you get selected?

We were shortlisted on the basis of an application form where we had to submit past projects related to creating innovative products with an impact, a Proposal for the project that we would like to work on for this Bootcamp, our experience and technical skills required to build them and why we would like to participate. Shortlisted candidates were then called for an online interview with the faculty at IIT-Delhi, which led to our selection.

2. How many students were there in total?

There was a total of 25 students selected from all across the country participating in the Bootcamp. Moreover, we also had 24 mentors from various departments of the institute assigned to assist with our projects.

3. What was your daily schedule at IIT-Delhi?

We worked on our projects from 11 AM to 5 PM from Mondays to Saturdays. A regular day would include either receiving training or working on our projects from 11 AM-1 PM and 2 PM - 5 PM. We had lunch in between. On other days, lab tours of various other departments on the campus would be conducted, along with lectures on different topics.

4. What kind of training were you given before you started making your project?

We were trained to use high-tech modern fabrication machines present at the Makerspace facility of IITD. These included the Laser Cutter, CNC Router, Waterjet Cutter and 3D printers alongside training in Electronic Circuit fabrication, CAD and the use of hand and power tools.

5. What was your project about? How many of you did that and how did you divide your responsibilities?

Our project was about enabling a normal car to be used as an ambulance in times of emergency by making the passenger seat into an automatically convertible stretcher for the comfortable transport of the patient. It would be most impactful if implemented in taxi's/cabs as they are available almost everywhere. This would reduce the dependency on ambulances especially seen during the pandemic while reducing the time required to reach hospitals, thus saving lives. Our team consisted of 3 members, Yogesh - who was responsible for 3D modelling, animation and fabrication, Dharmender - for Mechanical Design and Assembly, while I worked on Electronics & Programming. We were all from classes 11 and 12.

6. What was your overall learning experience from the Bootcamp?

Learning how to approach a problem before solving it using the Design Thinking process, presenting your ideas and withstanding criticism, teambuilding and communication along with exposure to college life and interactions with senior students and professors were a few things that I would take from this Bootcamp.

Devansh was interviewed by the mentor of Atal Tinkering Lab, Sri Sri Academy, Kolkata.

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