Podcasts that simplify the art of running a start-up

Kanjyik Ghosh
Kanjyik Ghosh
Posted on 23 Jan 2022
12:33 PM

5 podcasts to tune into for aspiring entrepreneurs Video edited by Raghib Haider Source: Podcast and shutterstock

These podcasts enlighten youngsters on the art of running a start-up and share valuable tips on how to deal with the ups and downs of the trade
Budding entrepreneurs learn about new technologies and the Indian start-up space before setting up their start-ups

Budding entrepreneurs can learn the art of running a business and gain insights into life in general by tuning into podcasts run by established entrepreneurs.


Here’s a list of 5 podcasts that aspiring entrepreneurs can check out:

The School of Greatness

By: Lewis Howes

Running for nine years, this podcast’s popularity coincides with the rise of podcasts as an effective mode of communication. It focuses on the two pillars of entrepreneurship — business and self-development. One of the oldest podcasts in this genre, The School of Greatness deals with issues ranging from aspects of personal growth like health, mental well-being and relationships to aspects of business such as the perspective on finance, habits to increase productivity and secrets to win negotiations. The interview-based conversations feature experts from the field of business and life skills training.

Click: https://lewishowes.com/podcast/5-minute-friday/

Woice with Warikoo

By: Ankur Warikoo

Woice with Warikoo is a podcast run by the popular entrepreneurial face and founder of nearbuy.com, Ankur Warikoo, who shares lessons from his entrepreneurial journey and life. The podcast covers areas such as personal growth, entrepreneurship, careers and start-ups. Some of the key highlight episodes include ‘Mistakes I Made in my 20s’, ‘Your Enemy is You’ and ‘Being Self Aware’. Warikoo’s gripping narration keeps one glued throughout the essential life lessons.

Click: https://open.spotify.com/show/1g7wpoqydK6hszvi4DFywg

The Indian Silicon Valley Podcast

By: Jivraj Singh Sachar

This Indian Silicon Valley Podcast seeks to inform aspiring entrepreneurs about the Indian start-up space. As part of its mission, it features conversations with several start-up founders, investors and industry experts; it also covers innovative ventures in several areas like technology, health, finance and content.

The chat-based format provides inputs on life lessons, career, skills and domain-specific aspects concerning the businesses, among others. If learning and sharing the wisdom of established names from the start-up sphere is your thing, you can give this weekly podcast a shot.

Click: https://open.spotify.com/show/5HZ9y88I43ba7pO5S3K9nM

Prime Venture Partners Podcasts

By: Prime Venture Partners

This podcast is run by Prime Ventures, a venture fund that deals with early-stage start-up funding and even provide support by mentoring start-ups. It discusses strategies and tricks of the trade with experts from the field.

This chat-based show focuses on specific aspects like Aadhaar, banking, software as a service, investments and recruitments, through candid conversations with start-up founders. It also deals with fintech and branding.

Click: https://open.spotify.com/show/7f9TBvrR2YqrPOxJDX3y0B

Seed to Scale Insights

By: Anand Daniel, Accel India

This podcast narrates stories and provides insights into upcoming technologies, start-ups and the start-up space. It also deals with trends and upcoming arenas of the start-up space. In the course of the insights shared, youngsters can pick up the fundamental idea of how to launch a start-up.

Several untold stories come out in the process of chats with industry leaders, authors and entrepreneurs. Learnings from the entrepreneurial journey, stories of struggles, figuring out opportunities amid adversity as well as mentoring of budding entrepreneurs are some of the key highlights from this podcast.

Click: https://open.spotify.com/show/1VqX3K55LjN4BjqKy4vvWl

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