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Jadavpur University welcomes freshers with Jege Othar Carnival from May 5 to 7

Suha Roy
Suha Roy
Posted on 03 May 2022
12:38 PM

Glimpse of Jege Othar Carnival’s theme song by Arts Faculty Students' Union, Jadavpur University. Source: Arts Faculty Students' Union YouTube Video by Raghib Haider

From painting to music to sports, Jege Othar Carnival will see 16 competitions
First-year students of Jadavpur University can participate
Registration for all offline competition ends on May 4, midnight

First-year students of Jadavpur University will battle it out in 16 competitions at the Jege Othar Carnival, to be hosted by the Arts Faculty Students' Union of the university from May 5 to 7. Kolkata band Hybrid-X will be bringing down the curtains on May 7, 7pm onwards at Open Air Theatre. Here’s a list of the offline events you can look forward to. Registration for all offline competitions ends at midnight on May 4.

Paint your wall: The wall-painting competition will be held across the Jadavpur University campus on May 5 and 6. The theme: Paint the walls with the brushstroke of protest against the evil and rebuild the mundane with the colours of the rainbow.


Kobita Utsab: Write poems in Bengali, Hindi and Nepali. This competition will be held at Subarna Jayanti Bhavan, 2pm onwards on May 5.

Creative Writing: Showcase your creativity with words on May 5, 2pm onwards at Subarna Jayanti Bhawan.

Debate: The war of words is scheduled for May 5, 3pm onwards, at Subarna Jayanti Bhawan. You can participate both individually and as a team.

Extempore: A platform to test the power of eloquence and impromptu articulation, the Extempore competition will take place at Subarna Jayanti Bhawan on May 5, 4pm onwards.

Tug of War: The tug of war will take place on May 5, 4.30pm onwards in front of the Open Air Theatre. You can participate as departmental teams and as all-women’s teams.

Musical Rally: The musical rally will be a celebration of homecoming, remembering, and the spirit of the carnival. The rally will see freshers go around the campus, from 11am on May 6. They will start from the union room.

Eastern Solo: Some melodious music in store at the Eastern Solo singing competition on May 6, 4pm onwards at Worldview.

Western solo: The battle of voices will take place on May 6, 5pm onwards at Worldview.

Treasure Hunt: Groups of five students are allowed to participate in the Treasure Hunt competition that will take place on May 6, 11am onwards, at the Open Air Theatre.

Rangoli: Create rangolis at the Open Air Theatre on May 7, 11am onwards.

Dance competition: Match steps to the beats of your favourite song on May 7, noon onwards at the Open Air Theatre.

Face Painting: Here’s a chance to colour your friend’s face or be the canvas for your friend. The Face Painting competition is scheduled to take place at the Open Air Theatre on May 7, noon onwards.

Students' performances: Music, dance, dramas and instruments — a cultural event is scheduled for 1pm on May 7 at the Open Air Theatre.

Click to register: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfuXCjHgL5g_C-cRxK1sdqizZOMiDZMM5FXX04FID1-k79XZQ/viewform

The Short Film-making and Photography competitions will be held online.

Last updated on 03 May 2022
14:40 PM
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