8 apps that can help you manage your time

Sharanya Chakraborty
Sharanya Chakraborty
Posted on 17 Jan 2022
11:18 AM
Time management apps that will help you meet your deadlines

Time management apps that will help you meet your deadlines source : Shutterstock

From creating your own to-do list to organizing your classes, assignments and study times, these apps will help you be more productive in these trying times.
These apps will help you divide your time between work, study and hobbies, making room for some ‘me time'

Time Management has always been a tough task for students. The pandemic has left youngsters with time in hand and no idea how to utilise it while keeping up with deadlines. Handwritten time tables don’t work as there are too many links to keep track of. Here are eight apps that can come to your rescue to make things easier.


Google Calendar

About: This is like any regular calendar powered by Google. One can set reminders for events, birthdays, and meetings. The information gets synced automatically to your Google Meet and Gmail accounts. If synced to your phone’s calendar, be rest assured to get reminders on time. The colour-coding feature allows for excellent time-blocking on your schedule.

Why we recommend: The automatic syncing with mail, drive, and everything else Google-powered on the web and the familiar user-friendly interface fits every lifestyle.

Available on: iOS, Android


About: Created by Google, this app allows you to actually sort out the various tasks you have scheduled on your Google Calendar. You can create your to-do lists, add those tiny details that you need to keep in mind, and set deadlines for yourself.

Why we recommend: Some students have admitted that ticking off from the Tasks list gives them a sense of achievement like no other. So be it for a serotonin rush or to just make a grocery list, Tasks is the way to go.

Available on: iOS, Android


About: If you are impressed by the scheduling efficiency of Google Calendar, Notion takes it one notch above. A whole virtual workspace, which is also very handy for group projects.

Why we recommend: The fun part about the app is the different visuals and graphics you get to embed into your task pages. There are separate emoticons indicating different categories. You can add status updates on the tasks and most importantly if you manage to build an interesting workspace for yourself with Notion, you can publish it online, which will act as a personal website.

Available on: iOS, Android

Pomodoro Timer

About: This application uses the Pomodoro Technique of time management, where you divide your time into 25-minute work blocks with a five-minute break in between. This is available in the form of online timers as well as a whole application, which you can turn on once you start working or studying. The timer will keep functioning with an alarm to remind you of the slots.

Why we recommend: This increases concentration while ensuring that you take some time away from it when needed.

Available on: iOS, Android

Remember the Milk

About: The name says it all! It is basically programmed to save you from scoldings at home with a Notion-like interface and fun user experience. It allows you to create to-do lists and you will receive a reminder through the app about any task you put on it. The tasks can also be shared with others via email to ensure coordination.

Why we recommend: You can set themes, use the magical search wizard to draw up tasks you might have lost and even operate it without the internet.

Available on: iOS, Android


About: If the Pomodoro method doesn’t work out you, you can try this timer app. You won’t have a controlled break but you will be sorted for 30 minutes at a stretch at least.

Why we recommend: The app boasts of a quirky user interface that uses gestures to operate instead of simple taps increasing brain alertness.

Available on: iOS

Rescue Time

About: This app analyses your days and weeks to calculate your focus hours. That way it can show you exactly where you need to cut down on distractions, even the specific sites that take up more time than needed.

Why we recommend: We love the feature Focus Session that will block off the sites to remove distractions and quite simply make you complete your task.

Available on: iOS, Android


About: With this app, students can organise their classes, assignments and study times all in one place. The new at-home school regime got you feeling scattered? myHomework is here to save the day, quite literally. It reminds you of your homework, sets priority with colour coding and lets you save your timetables so that you never miss a class.

Why we recommend: For those who specifically want a space dedicated to just their schoolwork, this app is a great fit.

Available on: iOS

Last updated on 17 Jan 2022
11:18 AM
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