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Steel city: Two marijuana sellers in police net during operation

Drug addiction has seen a spike in recent times; main peddler is still on the run
Senior SP, M Tamil Vanan (extreme right) with the seized marijuana as the two arrested persons stand behind
Animesh Sengupta
Kumud Jenamani


Police on Friday seized over 10 kgs marijuana from a densely-populated locality under Sonari thana area. 

The police stumbled upon stocks of marijuana from two houses in Sonari while trying to unravel the network of brown sugar's sale and supply in the city. Divulging details, senior SP, M Tamil Vanan said that they had set up a special task force for unraveling the sale of supply of narcotic drugs in the city. 

"In course of the operation against the narcotic drugs, we got an input that marijuana is being sold from two houses at New Gwala Bustee. On the basis of the information, the task force raided the houses and found the stock of marijuana," said Vanan while addressing a press conference on Friday. 


He said during the raids that were carried out by deputy superintendent of police (Headquarters-Ii) Kamal Kishore. six kg of marijuana was seized from the house of 47-year-old Dinesh Singh and four kg of narcotic stuff from the house of  28-year-old Arvind Singh. 

"Both the men were arrested and the marijuana stocks were seized. During interrogation, they confessed that they used to get the stuff from a man known as Anil Singh at Baridih. Now we are trying to arrest Anil Singh," the senior SP said. 

Till the year 2020 steel city was free from the deadly brown sugar, but now drugs are being sold at several places in the city. In the name of action against brown sugar sale, the police have so far arrested many drug peddlers, but have not been able to do anything to nab the main supplier of the narcotic drug.